Ziaja Sensitive Skin Range Review

I found out about this amazing skincare brand last year. Ziaja prides itself on having being very skin friendly and their new Sensitive range contains NO parabens, mineral oils, silicones or fragrances.  The range has a face and body wash, micellar water, enzyme exfoliator, night cream & a day cream.
ziaja sensitive skin care range

Both me and my daughter have been using some of the sensitive range products the last 6 weeks or so. My 7 year old daughter has such dry skin/eczema especially on her face where she gets patches of dry flaky skin. It was very bad after the cold winter months and not even the La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast Baum was helping. Here is how we got on with some of the products from the new Sensitive range.
ziaja sensitive review

The Creamy Face & Body Wash Gel is a lovely silky texture and lathers great. It is super gentle on both face and body. It can also be used on babies from 6 months, but I’ve used it the odd time in my 4 month old’s bath and has done no harm 🙂 Its a very moisturising wash so it was a perfect step in trying to get rid of my daughters dry skin.

Next we have the Soothing Day Cream wth SPF20. I had never found a nice day moisturiser with an SPF that I thought would be safe to use on my daughter dry skin so was so happy to see this as part of the Sensitive range. I’m a big believer in starting kids early with a good skincare routine and wearing SPF everyday….her skin will thank me in 20 years time 😉 The soothing day cream is very moisturising thanks to the active ingredient antileukine 6 which restores proper hydration and strengthens skins lipid barrier so I only use this when my skin is very dry. For my daughter, who uses it everyday now, this has done wonders for her skin!! It cleared the rough, red, dry patches of skin on her face within 2-3 days! And no complaining that it was stinging her! Best of all the cream is only €6.99 and lasts ages! You just can’t go wrong with that!

Last we have the Enzyme Peeling exfoliator. Sounds scary but enzyme exfoliators are more effective and less harsh than usual face gritty exfoliating scrubs. The active ingredient Papain from…yup you guessed it Papaya, gently peels and dissolves dead skin cells to leave your skin looking and feeling softer and brighter. This is only €4.99 too!  I haven’t used it on my daughter as her young skin will do a good job off exfoliating itself but for, slightly ;), older skin like mine I’ve found it a great change from my usual harsh face scrub and does just as good a job. You need to leave this on for 10-15 mins to let it do its job, so it’s great as a weekly treatment.

A lot of people suffer from sensitive skin, especially Irish skin. In fact, 60% of Irish women say they experience stinging or redness after using cosmetic products from skin care to makeup. So I hope if you are one of those people you will find this budget friendly brand a big hit like we do here at Glitter Wishes HQ! Ziaja is available in most pharmacies. Also find them online at www.originalbeauty.ie for some really great deals!

Have you got sensitive skin? What products do you find good or are you using Ziaja Sensitive now? Yaz xx

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  • I’ve heard so many things abou Ziaja, really need to get my hands on their products! Great that you are starting your daughter early with a skincare regime, she will definitely thank you for it 😉

    • She hates me for it now coz I driver her mad “did you wash and moisturise lol” has to be down though or her skin gets so itchy and dry. You should deffo give Ziaja a go. I also love their cocoa range x

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