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Beauty News – New Products at The Body Shop this Spring

The new collection this spring at The Body Shop sees antioxidant rich raspberries! Raspberry is one of my favourite fruits so I was so excited to see this news.

the body shop raspberry collection

This Special Edition Early-Harvery Raspberry collection includes a body lotion, body scrub, shower gel and eau de toilette.

I haven’t tried any of the collection yet but I can image they are very fruity and sweet-smelling. I’m looking forward to trying giving the ea de toilette a spritz, sounds like a nice light fragrance for day wear. The scrub is jam-textured, that sounds good enough to eat!

The shower gel is made using Community Fair Trade Honey collected by the ‘bee whisperers’ of Bezo Mar in the UNESCO Sheka Forest Bipsphere Reserve (Etheopia)
The Body Shops trade with Beza Mar helps give the local beekeeping culture a reliable source of income and therefore a better quality of life for them and their families

the body shop colour crush shine lipstick 14 15 18

Also new at The Body Shop is the Colour Crush™ Shine Lipstick Range which I luckily got to try! These lipsticks are almost like a lipgloss, they give lots of shine while adding a beautiful pop of colour. Although they don’t stay very long on the lip, these lipsticks contain Community Fair Trade marula oil to seal in moisture and condition lips, so I don’t mind having to reapply more often than a drying matte lipstick. I will deffo be checking out some of the darker colours to try. There are 10 shades to choose from and cost €12.95 each.
colour crush shine lipstick reviewSee anything from the new products that you would like to try? If you’ve tried any of them I’d love to know what you though? Yaz x

Glossybox Contents – April

You guys know by now I love my beauty boxes so I was thrilled to be sent the April box from Glossybox. I haven’t signed up in quite awhile because I was disappointed with repeat products and never getting the good products that everyone else seemed too….it is luck of the draw though and that’s the fun surprise element :)
Glossy box april 2014So this months box was packaged lovely as always. Here’s what I got

Mememe Beat the Blues Highlighter
He-Shi Face & Body Tanning Gel
Monu Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil
Emite Lip Brush
Sun Sense Daily Face SPF50+
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My first time babywearing with the Boba Wrap – Review

As you may or may not know I recently had my third baby, nicknamed GlitterBaba here on the blog and I was looking into babywearing or simply just some sort of carrier to carry baby around so I could get a few bits done as I knew I’d have my hands full with my other two kids also I had got loads of advice from the amazing women on the Irish Parenting Bloggers group, most of whom are very experienced with babywearing and all the brands. I was quite overwhelmed though with all the different types of baby carriers….mei tei….buckled…ring sling etc etc!

I then got the opportunity to try out the Boba Wrap (also known as the Sleepy Wrap) from Slumber Roo is what some refer to as a stretchy wrap as it’s a long piece of stretchy material. I was worried about this type as I knew I’d have to tie it myself…..eeekkk! Honestly, I was terrified because to me they looked like the baby could fall out because there are no straps or buckles.SlumberRoo Slumber Roo kindly gave me my wrap to give my thoughts in this review. They asked me to look at their site to choose which one I’d like. Their site is done really well for a complete novice to babywearing. They have the carriers categorised and you can learn more about each type! I still couldn’t decide though….I’m awful indecisive lol! So the lovely Kirtsy from Slumber Roo gave me lots of help and advice and we decided the Boba Wrap would be good for me to try.
boba wrap  packagingFirst Impressions
I chose the black one and it came in a really neat & tidy small box. I was surprised when I opened it by how much fabric there was. I went through the instruction booklet which was really helpful. It included a step by step pictorial guide on how to tie your Boba Wrap to fit your newborn in. It took about 10mins for me to first go through the steps and get it on the first time. I then looked on Youtube just to make sure I had it right and I did, so I tied and untied it a few more times and I was very happy with how quick I learned. Yay me hehe! Next was getting miss glitter baba in without letting her drop :o Don’t worry it all worked out and glitter baba got in unharmed! Again I went back to YouTube just to check I had her in right. What I also find helpful is to look in a mirror while tying it and putting baby in so you know you have him/her positioned correct.

boba wrap baby carrier review

snug as a bug :)

So handy! 
It’s been 11 weeks since little missy was born and wow I am raging I didn’t have this with my other two kids. Girls, it’s so bloody handy and I’m surprised more parents don’t have them?! For someone who was so scared by the thoughts of a baby wrap I can now can get it on and baby tucked in all in under 1 minute! I’m like a pro now ;)
There have been so many days in them early weeks where nothing would settle her to sleep and so I’d put her in the Boba wrap……within 10 seconds she would stop crying and then fall asleep…..and usually into a really deep sleep so I can even gently take her out and  8/10 times she will stay asleep when I lie her down. Or there are times when she is awake (which is most of the day now) but wants to be with Mammy, understandably, she’s a baby, but I would have housework to do or the kids would want their lunch, so I put her in the Boba wrap and she is happy out while mammy has her two hands free to fold clothes, make a cuppa etc. Can you see how handy it is? it’s been such a lifesaver to me on days where I really  needed my hands to get some things done around the house.

The Boba wrap holds premature babaies to toddlers up to 35lb. It’s also handy for breastfeeding on the go and keeps baby and mammy warm. Actually there was one day back in February and it was freezing but then the heating went too, nightmare!! So to keep myself and miss glitterbaba warm we used the boba wrap, I did have a pain in my neck after about 6 hours of her being in it till we could get the heating fixed but we were warm at least :)

On my first baby I once tried a cheap buckle carrier, but only the once as it made my shoulders ache so bad and turned me off ever buying another carrier. I now know not all buckle carriers hurt as it’s to do with how they distribute the weight. The one I had was just concentrating all the weight on my shoulder.  With proper carrier systems the weight is distributed evenly. The Boba wrap doesn’t pull heavy on my shoulders and I certainly have not felt any aching up to two hours!! After that you will obviously start to get a teeny bit stiff and maybe want some space lol!

It also comes with a bag for neat storage

It also comes with a bag for neat storage

And I just have to say this……please don’t listen to that silly old wives tale that you will ‘spoil’ your baby by having them in your arms all the time. You can’t spoil a baby!! They don’t know any better. All they know is they love being close to mammy….that familiar smell, the sound of the heartbeat they heard when in the womb, and moving along with you as you walk….hopefully not waddling any more ;) Being as close to you as possible is like home to them! Or Daddy is just as good too :)  I was constantly told on my first to stop holding her as she would get ‘spoiled’ and I’d end up with a clingy child and you know what???? I’m sorry I listened to them because she was the most unsettled baby, now maybe that was coincidence as I was also under a lot of stress at the time but I still wish I didn’t believe that silly crap that you can ‘spoil a baby’! Oh hindsight! With age comes a deaf ear and confidence to just do it your way and trust yourself ;) I hold my third now whenever she seems like she need some extra TLC and it comforts her. At the end of the day I’m more relaxed and so are they! And on days where I have a lot to do and really need my hands that’s where the Boba wrap comes in handy…’s a win-win really.

The Boba wrap costs £38 from Slumber Roo, comes in many different colours and really is worth every penny since it makes life that little bit easier for busy mums.

Last thing I’ll say is just always make sure ether airways are clear while they are in the wrap and if they fall asleep in it while you are waling around you can pull one on the panels over the back of their head to support them as you can see from one of the pictures above. I really do love the boba wrap to make life a bit easier getting things done with a new baby (don’t get me wrong I still love my me time to do things minus kids in tow lol!) I really hope anyone even considering a wrap gets one though. I promise you wont regret it!

If you have any more questions about the wrap please do not hesitate to email me or you can always catch me of Facebook Twitter! Find Slumber Roo on Facebook & Twitter to hear the latest babywearing news and get special offers and flash sales!

I’d love to know if any of you guys have tried baby wearing before and what systems have you tried? Yaz x

PowderPocket Box – March contents

Last week I got the March PowderPocket Box delivered to me. As always it was such a nice surprize :))

I’ll get straight to what was in the box this month
powder pocket box review march

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
Lavera 2in1 Hair & Body Wash
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick
Ghost the Frangrance

Over all I’m happy with the box, I’ve really taken to both Ginvera and Lavera products since discovering them through PowderPocket Box. That’s what I love about beauty boxes….getting to discover new brands and products!

The BB Cream from Ginvera is enriched with some really lovely ingredients and claims to have sun block effects, moisturises, conceals and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The BB cream smells lovely, deffo does a good job covering too but the only problem is it only comes in one shade. Although it says it adapts to your skin tone it just makes my tanned skin look quite pale and washed out so I think someone with paler skin would love it!.

The Lavera Hair & Body wash is very nice, made with all natural and organic ingredients, it lathers really well and smells really good :)

Delighted with the lipstick from Shiseido which is a great skin care brand. This is great for everyday use as it also provides intense moisture. It looked super red when seen it first but when applied it’s kind of a deep pink-red, it’s really nice!
Shiseido lipstick perfect rouge  RD516

WaterWipes are something I’ve heard of but not yet tried. These ones are different to their baby wipes and are used specifically for removing makeup but I don’t like using wipes to cleanse my face…..I still love my Cleanse Off Mitt
You get 25 in this sample pack which isn’t bad but I’ve only been using them to clean the kids faces. A full pack of 60 cost €2.99 so not bad at all but not sure how many you’d need to remove a full face of makeup! They would be handy for camping or somewhere maybe that you wont have access to water to cleanse your face I suppose.

Last…and my least favourite was the Ghost sample. In fairness the perfume is lovely and I’m glad I got to try it but I just don’t really consider the little viles of perfume that all beauty boxes seem to do as a sample when they can be got for free at most beauty counters.

At the end of the day though I’m very happy with the PowderPocket box compared to other subscription boxes I’ve tried. It’s so good to see an Irish business do well. Also…..this sounds silly but I love the empty boxes haha…..I’m using them for jewellery and makeup etc. Great for storage, I must do a post someday and what I’ve got stored in them!

PowderPocket box can be bought on a monthly subscription for €15 including p&p. Give thsi Irish business a like/follow on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see sneak previews of their April box! Yaz x

News!! I’m a Chicco ‘Tested for Happiness’ Blogger!

Awhile ago I was contacted by the baby products brand Chicco and they asked me to join their ‘Tested for Happiness’ Bloggers team.There is currently 5 mums doing reviews on the site here but Chicco are expanding their little ‘Chicco family’ and I am thrilled to have been invited to join! I of course happily accepted the offer too :)

chicco logo As a ‘Tested for Happiness’ Blogger I will be working closely with Chicco over the next year to find the products best suited for my family and I to review
As well as that amazing opportunity,
 they are being very generous and will be giving me the chance to run a competition….or two…. for my reader’s to win some fantastic prizes!! :D So keep an eye out for that!
Chicco Logo bloggerI will soon be getting a very nice stroller from Chicco to review which I can’t wait to try as myself and little missy are getting out to walk more now the sun is starting to come out and play.
And as always my reviews on any products either sent to me or bought myself currently are and will continue to be 100% honest and all my own thoughts! Just thought I’d put that out there but I’d hope you all know that by now anyway :))

So that’s my bit of exciting news and I can’t wait to get started being a ‘Tested for Happiness’ Blogger. Check out who’s on the panel at the moment and see their reviews here>>

Yaz x

Chic Treat Club ‘Yummy Mummy’ Beauty Box

As well as receiving my PowderPocket Box last week, I also got my limited edition Chic Treat Club ‘Yummy Mummy’ Box…….just in time for Mothers Day don’t ya know ;) Yes it was a present from the kids which I of course picked out myself haha! It was very hard not to open it when it arrived on a dreary Monday morning so I had a wee little peak at the magazine (twitter made me look!!!) so I was even more excited when I seen what I’d be opening on Sunday!
yummy mummy chic treat club box

Here is the goodies I got!

CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in #158 Wildfire
Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream
Dermaglow Skin Health Drink
Physicians Formula Happy Boost Blush
Lily O’Briens Chocolates
25% Discount Vocuher for
chic treat club limited edition yummy mummy box

I am absolutely thrilled with this box! I think any woman, ‘Mummy’ or not would be delighted to get this.
CND recently launched their Vinylux System Polish  Basically the new technology makes it very hard-wearing with no need for a base coat and it doesn’t stain your nails either! The top coat gets stronger with exposure to natural light. Looking foward to giving these a good try and see do they really wear well for a week.
Here’s a quick swatch of the polish, I love the colour. I think it may be the PERFECT red!
cnd vinylux polish swatch wildfire #158

I don’t like my feet but I still look after them and moisturise them so I’m glad to introduce this Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream to my routine which smells like coconuts obviously, lovely and fresh!

Physicians Formula is a make up brand already popular in the US and made especially for sensitive skins but is launching here in June so I love that I’m getting to try this before it hits our shores. The packaging of this is not only very pretty but clever too. There is a compartment underneath which has a mirror and a bush. I’m delighted this little gem was included in the box

So, onto the Dermaglow skin health drink. This contains collagen…although something usually we think to apply topically to our bodies, drinking this will apparently maintain and stimulate collagen production from the inside out?! As well as collagen there is hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, D, E and altogether the drink claims to reduce tiredness and fatigue, regulate hormones, support strong hair, nails & bones. As interesting as this sounds I just don’t know and I’ve yet to taste it….I’m kind of afraid lol? You are meant to take it for 4 weeks once a day, at €3.99 a bottle I suppose it’s cheaper than botox? It would be interesting to try the full course, and with all the vitamins I suppose it can only do good.

I’ve been browsing the Elaine Curtis site to see what to buy with my 25% discount. I’d lvoe to visit the store as the clothes she has in are beautiful and from some amazing Irish designers, unfortunately it’s in Carlow so I wont be there anytime soon. But I’ll still enjoy some online shopping ;)

Last but definitely not least were the Lily O’Briens Crispy Hearts (7 honeycomb chocolate hearts to be exact) which were of course devoured Mothers Day evening with a glass or three of wine ;) Bliss! They were divine!

Yes, I’m very very happy with this limited edition box which is still available here for €24.99 including delivery from Irish business ChicTreat Club. Give them a follow/like on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see more of their usual monthly and special edition boxes!
Yaz x

Paul Flynn’s ‘Family Food’ Cookbook with Lidl (Win a copy!)

Last week saw Paul Flynn & Lidl launch a cookbook ‘Paul Flynn’s Family Food’ featuring quick, easy and cheap meal all with Lidl ingredients.

I was invited along to Number 10 on Lower Ormond Quay to celebrate the launch where we were given mouth-watering samples of some of the recipes featured in the book. Everyone enjoyed the food and stunning venue! We even got to have a little walk around the building which is just magnificent with so much attention to detail!
number 10

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Flynn and also his lovely wife Máire Flynn from The Tannery Restaurant, Townhouse and Cookery School. They have two beautiful daughters who you can see on the book cover so know that time and sometimes money can be short when you have a family.

I was at the launch of Paul Flynn's Family Coo...

Here I am with Caitriona from Wholesome Ireland and Sinead from Bumbles of Rice :)) via glitter_mama_

That’s what I love about this cook book, there are lots and lots of delicious recipes to choose from but they are all uncomplicated and quick for busy families or for someone like me who really does not like cooking :P Paul also has recipes that take a bit longer but are ‘worth the wait’ for days where you have a bit more time or feel like something extra special.

There is some super handy pages in the book such as the ‘Flavour Combos’ section which tells you what spices,oils etc go with what meat. I love that guide as it’s something I would struggle with when cooking with meats, I tend to get stuck in a rut.
Then at the back is a ‘Clever Shopping’ page with 50 grocery essentials, all of which can be bought from Lidl of course!

The books features everything from crab claws perfect for parties, traditional meals such as roast lamb all the way to tasty treats like doughnuts with raspberries and chocolate, all with colourful photographs….hungry yet? ;)

Te book is available now from all Lidl stores for €12.99. I think it’s a must have especially if you shop in Lidl a lot like myself so you will know all the ingredients can be bought in one place to save you time! Also just in time for Mother’s Day if they are someone who loves cooking.

I have a book to giveaway to one reader however! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter form below so like/follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram, Email sign up etc for entries. Good Luck!! Yaz x
a Rafflecopter giveaway

La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Créme Review with before & after pics

La Roche Posay is one of my favourite skincare brands, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Their new CC Créme is part of their Rosaliac range which is specially formulated for redness prone skin. la roche posay rosaliac cc creme

Now me and CC & BB creams don’t get on in all honesty! Of the few I’ve tried I just don’t feel they are for me. I like a more full coverage. Continue reading

Evolution Keratin Hair Care

Evolution Keratin is a new high-end hair care range to Ireland specialising in salon products and after care products for at home use.Evolution keratin agran infused hair care review

I was thrilled to receive a bunch of their products to try! All their products are infused with argan oil which is now huge in the hair products scene worldwide.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
The shampoo is sulphate and sodium chloride free and is perfect for hair that has been coloured, permed, or have had a keratin treatment. As well as the argan oil to reduce frizz it also contains vitamin e to really nourish your hair. The conditioner has natural proteins so it repairs and protects hair while leaving it feeling super moisturised!
My hair was in OK condition before using these but now I can honestly say the improvement is huge, especially at the ends of my hair. My hair just looks thicker and feels so smooth :))

Balancing Shampoo & ConditionerBalancing evolution keratinI also got these two very cute little bottles (perfect for my gym bag) to try out also. The shampoo is sulphate free and works to restore you scalps natural pH balance in the hair and scalp so they don’t get too oily and greasy. Both contain natural extracts of green tea & grape seed oil to lightly moisturise dry parts. As someone with oily hair I love these two, they help keep my hair looking and feeling fresher for longer. They are great for getting rid of product built up too while still being gentle and safe for coloured hair!

Blowout Treatmentblow out treatment evolution keratinSee the sparkles! :o This blowout cream is heat-activated….very snazzy…. and is made with silk protein and argan oil for instant absorption. It claims to cut drying time in half which I’ve heard from other products and never noticed but I really do with this one. I tried this on my daughter’s hair too who has thick and kinky hair. Well!! Her hair looked so shiny and smooth after using this. Also her hair usually ends up in knots and scraggy looking after an hour (not even exaggerating!!) but after using the blow out cream her hair stayed really smooth for days. This is my favourite product that I tried and think it’s a must for anyone who blow dries their hair at home. I literally feel like I’ve just walked out of a salon after using this! It’s a must have girls!!
Blow Out treatment evolution keratin sparkles

Leave-In Conditioning CreamEVO CONIf you have very dry/frizzy hair this is a great product to further boost moisture levels and make it easier to style. It helps strengthen and hair and leaves it looking very shiny. This has pretty sparkles in the cream too ;) EVO COND

Argan Oil
Hair oil is a must for every woman’s hair care routine in my opinion. Evolution Keratins Argan Oil is a lightweight formula so it doesn’t weigh down hair. It acts as a natural shield against humidity, hydrates and repairs hair too. I love to just use this on the very ends of my hair especially before and after using my straighter. You can use it all over too, it absorbs quickly without leaving hair looking greasy.

This is a picture of my hair in natural light. See this shine? The flash isn't even on in this picture! Don't mind the messy ends...I need a trim!

This is a picture of my hair in natural light. See the shine? The flash isn’t even on in this picture!! I swear they are not grey hair either!  Its all shine baby lol!  Don’t mind the messy ends…I need a trim!

As you can see I’ve really taken to Evolution Keratin products, they do exactly what it says on the bottle and leave your hair in great condition.  I also love the smell of them, they remind me of the smell in the hairdressers ;)

To buy any of the products mentioned see the Irish site here to find your nearest stockist. You can also find them on Facebook & Twitter

Have you tried any of these products yet? And what’s your favourite hair care brand?
Yaz x

Three New Products from Cocoa Brown this Spring!

Last week I was kindly invited to go to Cocoa Brown’s Blogger Launch Party at the Vintage Cocktail Club to celebrate their Spring Launch of three…yes THREE new products. Marissa is on a roll, herself and the Cocoa Brown team are just back from Hollywood too where they was at the Oscars to tan the celebs! Amazing!

The first new product is the renowned 1 Hour tan in Dark so it will be perfect for anyone who likes a really deep tan or someone like me who is already tanned and needs something a bit darker. Can’t wait to see how this turns out on me.
1-HOUR-TAN-Dark-cocoa brown

There will be a gradual tan called Gentle Bronze which I’m very excited to try as I love gradual tan moisturisers!Gentle-Bronze_cocoa brown
Last but not least is the new Lovely Legs Spray which is like make up only just for legs so will cover any imperfection like veins & stretch marks!Lovely-Legs-1-cocoa brown

I will have my thoughts on these products here on the blog as soon as I try them. I can’t wait! These are all available now in most stores from €5.99 including Penny’s, Boots, McCabes Pharmacy & more so you should have no bother finding them.

Thanks to the Cocoa Brown Team for a lovely evening full of Cocoa Brown themed cocktail and sweets. We even got some yummy hot food including delicious chicken hot wings! It was lovely to catch up with the other bloggers and hear the Hollywood gossip from Marissa ;)
cocoa brown spring bloggers launch party

If you have tried any of the new products yet do let me know, I’d love to know your thoughts?! Yaz x