My top 6 movies to watch this Halloween on Netflix

haloween netflix movies
Since Halloween is my favourite time of year and I love any excuse to watch scary movies I think it’s only fair I do a quick post on my Top 5 movies available of Netflix. I’m very much into psychological/paranormal movies more than gory serial killer ones!

1. Insidious 2Insidious 2
I seen Insidious part 1 a few years ago and it was pretty creepy, Insidious 2 is even scarier and answers a lot of questions from the first. Took me  few hours to sleep after this one,  it focuses on ghosts/spirits and the after life! Really give you the heebie-jeebies…DON’T WATCH IT ALONE!

2. Shutter Islandshutter-island-dvd-cover-43
This is great mystery thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio! The acting and dark scenes are just amazing and really keep you guessing. Not really but scary more dark and mysterious as I say.

Great classic by Stephen King, it’s a little bit gory but full of suspense! Kathy Bates is both creepy and funny in this, if you haven’t seen it already, do!

4. IrresistibleMOVIE irresistible
I forgot about this movie till I seen it while flicking through Netflix. Susan Sarandon and Emily blunt star in this psychological mystery drama.

5.The Amityville Horroramityville horror

This is a remake of the original classic which is based on a true story! Lots of suspense and jumpy moments.
Also Ryan Reynolds ain’t too shabby looking  in this even if he does turn crazy running around with an axe….topless:P

6. Scary Movie 2scary movie 2
Ok not a scary film at all but for those not into scary ones this is just gas! It’s just a fun silly movie.  Anna Farris aka Cindy is so hilarious in the Scary Movies.

If you have any good recommendation let me know!? Yaz x

Tuesday Newsday 28/10/14

New feature day on the blog Tuesday Newsday where anything & everything goes….

1.GlitterBaba is crawling!
Well its more of a sliding crawl….but still the baby can move! The Fisher Price Train helped I think! Yeh the fun starts now haha!

2.Midterm Breakkeep-calm-it-s-mid-term-break
Lazy days in pj’s and not having to leave the house some days, hoorrrah!

3. Sorting my wardorbe
Very proud that I threw out a small bag of old clothes. I’m a hoarder you see. It was mainly all pennys stuff. I’m trying not to buy any more pennys stuff because they just don’t last! Some stuff do and others don’t, it’s hit and miss. For the likes of jewellery, socks, tights though it’s great.

As a reward for getting rid of some stuff…any excuse…I went shopping. Bought myself these two gorgeous dresses from Dorothy Perkins and they had 20% off so I got both for €45 :) I love dresses with pockets so I couldn’t resist the blue floral one. And I love the sweetheart neckline line on the red floral one, very flattering for small chested women like me!


I also got a new running hoodie and leggings from Dunnes, they have some really nice bits in. I went for a run in them last night and they kept me so warmdunnes stores running

4. Opsh is now Live!

opsh shopping ireland
Opsh is a new online shopping site that brings you lots of your fave highstreet brands to one site, New Look, House of Fraser (which has lots of other brands within them Vero Moda, Warehouse, Lipsy)  River Island and Urban Ootfitters are all brands you will find at Opsh. So say you’re looking for a dress, you can search on Opsh instead of opening up lots of different tabs in your browser. You can buy from a mixture of shops on Opsh and they ship it. Seems really hands and I love that it was founded by three Irish sisters,  Jennie, Sarah and Grace Mc Ginn.

Any exciting news your end guys? Yaz x

Nail art with The Body Shop Colour Crush Collection

This month The Body Shop launched their own range of nail products including Colour Crush Nail varnish  containing 24 vibrant colours  a nail art pen and a Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover. Great mix there, love it!colour crush nails the body shop 3 free from polish

The Colour Crush Nails collection is a ‘3 free-from’ formula – no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor. I’m not sure why it’s not a 5 free-from’ formula but who am I to complain when I rarely take notice of what’s in my polish oooops!

They are also dermatologically tested and vegan friendly.
forest green naill polish

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these polishes in terms of application or wear but they really surprised me. The colour pay off is perfect and they lasted about 4-5 days without chipping…even on my daughter’s nails who climbs trees and other mischief!polka dot nails The body shop

I did some very basic dots on her nails with the nail art pen, a double-sided stick with a big ballpoint on one end and a smaller one the other. I couldn’t master the stripes with it though, I think I’m more used to brushes for lines. It’s perfect for doing dots but let’s be real, most people use a pen. I suppose it is a pretty tool to have in your nail kit instead of a boring looking pen haha!

Next is the nail polish remover which of course smells like almonds :) There is still a strong smell like other nail polish removers but it’s a conditioning and acetone free formula so not drying on your cuticles and nails which is really the last thing I need on my dry cuticles and brittle nails! :osweet almond oil polish remover the body shop

Overall I’m very impressed and the prices are good too, €7.50 for the polishes, €8.95 for 100ml nail polish remover and same for the nail art pen.

Have you tried The Body Shop’s new polishes yet? Yaz x

Tuesday Newsday 21/10/14

Tuesday again which means it’s time for the new weekly catch up on the blog. Anything & everything goes on Tuesday Newsday. Let go!

1. Running Made Easy
Last week I joined an online running course by ‘Run with Tina’ I’ve known Tina awhile through blogging and have seen how well she knows her stuff so I had a good attitude about exercising. She’s not into the ‘No pain, no game’ attitude which I hate lol! Her approach is more friendly and about slowly working up your strength and making exercise apart of your lifestyle. Last week was the first week and we started running/walking (interval training) I was dreading it a bit and thought I’d be knackered afterwards but felt so good after it and not at all tired or out of breath! I managed to get three sessions in so I’m quite proud of myself. Hope my motivation keeps up this week too.

2. My little piece in Irish Wedding Diary
I’m delighted to have a piece in Irish Wedding Diary Magazine in the Best of Beauty Bloggers section.

My favourite time of the year whooo! I’ve the kids costumes and I’m thinking of just doing myself up like a sugar skull just to be something while I’m supervising….fun times haha! Have a look at my Halloween Pinterest board where I pin anything that looks fun to make or do.
halloween pumkins decorated
4.PowderPocket Box is making a return!!
We said bye bye to PowderPocket box at the end of July and I was pretty sad as I loved the people behind the brand, it was Irish and just fun.They were having problems getting suppliers for products but it’s looking like it they will be back soon and better than ever. Sign up here to find out when it’s back!

5. 20% off at
Mayca, the owner of WapoBeauty came to Ireland from Spain 6 years ago to celebrate her 6 years in Ireland she is having 20% off your total order at her online store with the code 6YEARSINIRELAND.  Mayca’s shop specialises in all natural and organic beauty products, she’s very so friendly and helpful so any questions you have ask her, she really knows her stuff and is another skincare addict like me lol!

That’s all the news or exciting things I can think to tell you, bit of a slow week! Anything you’d like to share leave in the comments. Yaz x

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Smart Stages™ Train – Review

Last month Fisher Price launched their new Laugh & Learn® range of toys with Smart Stages™  technology,  these toys are designed to grow with your child and their development.

There are 3 stages/settings on the Smart Stages range. Each one is for a different age group that brings new life to the toy with new songs, phases and sounds. I love the idea, it’s just so clever and practical. I also think babies & kids learn best about the world around them through imaginative play.

At first we were given the chair first but because it was for 12 months Glitterbaba couldn’t sit on it properly and get full use out of it yet for me to review. Fisher Price were very good and sent out the Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s Smart Stages™ Train  instead. So far it’s gone down a treat with all the kids. I don’t know if it’s just my kids but they  love anything with wheels especially trains!

Smart Stages™ Technology (Train)
Level 1 – Explore – 6M+  First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity
Level 2 – Encourage –12M+  Prompt baby though questions and simple directions
Level 3 – Pretend – 18M+  Imaginative fun and early role play

GlitterBaba has really been enjoying the train. It’s colourful, sturdy and because it moves along she’s been trying so hard to crawl after it haha! We’re nearly there! Poor thing is being called and teased  like a dog with toys/food & other object that might entice her to move lol!

Three figures come with the train a monkey, a puppy and a frog which all rattle and sit into the train. She also loves spinning the roller thing on the side of one of the carriages….easily amused aren’t they :D

My 3 yr old son has an obsession with trains so needless to say he’s been loving the toy too. He’s been learning shapes and numbers in crèche so enjoys being able to understand the games.

• Press the smokestack to activate motorized action, lights & sounds
• Motorized train encourages crawl-along fun. Can also be turned off so it stays in place!
• 50+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases
• Includes Puppy, Monkey & Froggy rattle figures – just the right size for baby’s hands
• Place any figure in the conductor’s seat to hear opposites
• Busy activities include a slider ladybug, ABC spinner, number roller, clacker beads & more
• Press any of the five shape buttons to unlock more fun

With three kids the train has took a fair bit of a battering as you can imagine but  it still works perfect so it’s safe to say it’s very sturdy!
If this was out when my younger ones where babies I definitely would have got this train for them it’s very good value for money (€29.99 from Smyths at the moment) and because you can change setting for their age they won’t tire of the same songs and phrases.

Let me know what you think if the Smart Stages technology or if you’ve got any of the toys for your kids yet, what other ones do you recommend?
Yaz x