Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis Products

Incase you don’t know already, I absolutely love Ziaja skincare! They are natural, very affordable and best of all their products really work! So I was happy to hear about their new Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis products which are suitable from 3 months old.
All my kids have suffered from eczema, quite mild though luckily, but anyone who has kids with eczema knows how hard it is to see their poor skin look so red and angry from scratching, it can make them very irritable 🙁 Even for adults with eczema it’s annoying especially in places where it’s visible, it can make you quite conscious about it and very hard to cover up in the summer.
ziaja med atopic dermatitis products

Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema usually worsened by things such as sweat, dust, stress, allergens etc. It’s also been linked to hay-fever and asthma.
Patches of skin affected skin will look quite red and inflamed with a scaly/dry appearance. They often itch and can become cracked and bleed.

Although it can’t be cured, it can be managed by keeping skin well moisturised to keep the skins barrier in good condition.

Benefits of Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis

  • treats the symptoms of AD quickly and effectively to reduce the number of flare ups;
  • intensely moisturises, softens and reduces roughness of skin;
  • reduces excessive itching, burning and redness;
  • regenerates the natural hydrolipidic barrier of the skin;
  • builds up the skin’s natural bacterial flora to improve skin’s own defence against irritants;
  • contains only the essential active ingredients in a neutral base formula;
  • all products are pH balanced, hypoallergenic, odourless and dermatologically tested;

”ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ceramide complex (ceramides 1, 3, 6II, phytosphingosine and cholesterol), a skin-identical lipid composition which restores the protective barrier function of the skin and delivers enhanced moisturisation to restores a healthy skin barrier.
Other key ingredients include allantoin and vitamin E to soothe irritations and redness, corn syrup to effectively reduce itchiness, urea, a fast acting and highly effective hydrating ingredient and fatty acid triglycerides which are lubricating and softening moisturisers

So as you can see the products are well thought out for people with dermatitis.The main goal, when you have eczema is to keep the skin moisturised.

ziajamed atopic dermatiti

My thoughts

My kids have slight eczema that gets worse in the winter months when the heating dries it out. My daughter who’s 1 now had dry gets dry patches on the backs of her calf’s and back. It had flared up again before I got this so it was perfect timing.

I thought the bath & shower oil would smell….surgical or something but I was surprised that it actually had a lovely scent and it makes bubbles too! Yay!
The body lotion is lovely, very light & soothing. It dries in fast too. I’ve taken to using it after shaving my legs to reduce the red bumps I get and it really does help!

We are very happy with the results so far. Glitterbaba’s skin is much better now with no angry-looking red patches and it’s keeping the older kids skin lovely and smooth too. We will definitely continue using this. I’m going to get my eldest daughter the face cream as she gets dry patches on her face sometimes.

Prices for the Ziaja Med products vary but are no more than €9.99! 🙂  They can be bought in select pharmacies or online here

Have you any products you swear by to help keep eczema under control? Let me know in the comments. Yaz xo

Disclaimer: Some products have been sent to me for review. However, all thoughts expressed  on my blog are always my honest feelings/experiences! 

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