Weaning & defrosting baby food with the ”Lillypot”

Glitterbaba is now 6 montsh old and when she turned 4 months we started to wean her onto solid foods. An exciting and messy time as you can imagine. I came across the Lillypots on twitter and was curious what this contraption was. The creator, Tam Rodwell, was kind enough to send one out for me to try out and review
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So the Lillypot came about when first time Dad Tam Rodwell and his wife had just started weaning their 6 month old daughter Lilly. They quickly realised that their wasn’t really a product on the market specifically for defrosting cubes of home-made puréed baby food. That’s when Tam, a welder by trade, put his idea of the Lillypot into action.

The Lillypot is a simple idea, its fits over most sized saucepans where the steam from the water in the pan will slowly defrost and heat up frozen cubes of baby food! It’s a good alternative to the microwave if using them concerns you or you don’t have one. The pan is made from what most other pans are made from, is Teflon®-free and non-toxic.

”Eh can’t I just use a normal saucepan and my own dish/bowl on top to defrost cubes of baby food?” I hear you say
Well yes you can but the advantage on the Lillypot is that you can defrost three different types of puréed baby food at once rather than just one at a time which takes up more time and more washing up. It also helps you find out which tastes they do and don’t like.
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So how did we get on with the Lillypot?
We found it great, it’s small and such a simple idea. It has three spaces and each one can fit two average sized frozen cubes of food. I thought it would take ages for the cubes to defrost but it took no more than 3-5 mins. I love being able to try her with each new food separate than it all being mixed up together with other taste. It’s also so easy to clean, no need for scrubbing, just a w=quick wash and rinse does the job

I haven’t used it in a while for baby food as unfortunately my blender broke so haven’t been able to blend any of our food for her or make smoothies boooooo 🙁 I’m still using it for other things though it’s actually really handy for defrosting frozen blueberries and strawberries etc for breakfast toppings or for with ice cream

The Lillypot is available from their UK site here for £13.99 and shipping to Ireland. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram also to see more pics and ideas for your Lillypot!

Oh and have a look at this video to really see the Lillypot in action!

Let me know if you’ve tried the Lillypot or what you think of it? Yaz x

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