Vichy Idéalia Life Serum – Review

I recently went to event hosted by Vichy to introduce their new Serum to us….Idealia Life Serum. It was hosted at The Black Door @No.58 Harcourt Street, it was very swanky and beautifully decorated, all pink of course for the event. There were pink macaroons in the shape of a V and pink champagne upon arrival. Downstairs we got treated to mini hamburgers and an Ice Cream cart! Vichy wanted us to live a little 😉

vichy idealia life serum event dublin

What if a serum could change your life in just 8 days?

Vichy Idealia Life Serum is made with the everyday woman in mind, with the everyday stresses and the effects it has on our skin .Pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, alcohol, bad diet, stress etc all contribute to skin our skins appearance.

This serum will address:
SKIN TONE: Dull, grey complexion
SKIN CONTRASTS: Uneven and marked skin, uneven colouring, papier mache complexion
EXPRESSIVENESS: Sad, tired-looking face, dark shadows, drawn features
SKIN BALANCE: Enlarged pores, oily and dry patches

There is a lot of science behind this product which I love as I like to know that the ingredients in a product are actually researched and proven to do something.

The ingredient that makes this so special is LR2412+LHA

LR2412 is a derivative of jasmonic acid (this is stuff plants produce when they are being ”attacked” by insects) and a powerful anti-ageing molecule. This accelerates epidermal repair and improves the skin’s ability to protect itself.

LHA is a derivative  from Salicylic Acid and is basically like an exfoliator it helps to stimulate cell renewal which in turn helps to repair any flaws and improve the skin texture and appearance

Both these ingredients together are powerful and work on both the surface and under layers of the skin to repair and protect from past, present & future damage.
Vicky idealia studies

The serum itself is very soft when applies and not at all greasy. I found my skin immediately felt and looked fresher. It also contains golden and red pearls which makes for a healthy looking skin colour and illuminates the skin slightly.
It also contains Vicky thermal spa water so it’s fine for even very sensitive skin.

vichy idealia life serum lookI’ve been using this about 4 weeks now and have found it a great boost to my skin care routine. If you’re looking for a new serum I’d highly recommend this as a good all-rounder for most people s skin concerns.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum is RRP AT €34.50 but have a promo on now with 25% all Vichy Idealia Products at the moment, see here,  so you can get it for only €28.87 whoo!

Yaz x

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