Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser – Review

I bought this Vaseline Spray & Go when it first came out last year so I’ve had a while to decide what I think of this product. I got the cocoa butter one which as we all know is very moisturising, it also smells lovely.
vaseline spray and go moisturiser

The spray & go idea is great, its fast to apply and with a quick swipe of the hands it absorbs fast. Most importantly it’s a very good body moisturiser. My skin feels really hydrated and soft after using it. It’s nice in the summer to cool down after being in the sun so would be perfect for holidays 🙂
vaseline spray and go

My only problem with the spray and go thing is that it’s cold… really really cold coming out of the can….that’s fine if you’re hot but coming out of the shower or in the winter months it’s horrible! I nearly died when I sprayed it on one day after a shower in the middle of October when I couldn’t find another moisturiser to hand! I ended up spraying it onto my hands to warm it up first which defeats the spray and go system. Now, the cold spray feeling on your legs, stomach etc may not bother others as much as me….I just really hate feeling cold so I can’t bear to use it in the cold months…..which is like 10 out of 12 here in Ireland lol!

Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser can be bought from Boots here for €6.15 and comes in two other varieties, aloe vera & oat.

Have you tried any of the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturisers? Did you find it hard to use in the cold months or am I just a cold creature lol! Yaz x

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