Two easy steps to soft smooth feet with Scholl!

Feet are probably the most neglected part of our body. No one really likes feet, who wants to touch feet that have stuck in sweaty socks all day, yuck! Think about how often we exfoliate and moisturise our face, body, hands, lips….now think about how often we moiturise our feet?

If you’re like me the answer will be ”hmmm I never thought to moisturise my feet!” lol! I may give them a bit of a scrub in the shower but not enough to get rid of dead skin and I would never think to moisturise them! That’s why our feet end up dry, cracked, sore and just not the best looking!

This dawned on me when I was at an event a some months back where Scholl, the best known foot care products, where showing their new Express Pedi (available here from Boots) and you can also get replacement rollers here but I’ve used mine loads of times and it’s still fine.
scholl express pediI’ve been using this since the event and from the first use I was hooked because my skin felt so much softer after just the first use. It’s so easy to use and not harsh on your skin like you might expect, just gentle exfoliation. I actually didn’t want to use it because I’m very ticklish on my feet….I can’t even get a pedicure done because I squirm so much haha!
After about 4 uses any hard and flaky skin I had was gone. I now use it about once a week after a shower to keep my feet soft and smooth.

After I exfoliate them with the Express Pedi I moisturise with Scholl Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser (available here)scholl dry skin moisturiser deep skinBecause I wasn’t exfoliating when I bought this foot cream,Β it wasn’t doing much for me. The skin on my feet still felt and looked hard and flaky, now I realise why! I suppose it would be the same with say your legs, if we only moisturised but never exfoliated we would never achieve completely soft smooth legs.
This cream immediately increases hydration to feet by 80% to leave feet feeling soft and conditioned. It really is a nice thick cream so you only need a little to feel the effects.

So basically to keep feet soft we need to remember to look after feet like we do with any other part of our body. Exfoliating and moisturising is key to soft smooth feet. That goes for anywhere on the body really.

I would love to know do you have a foot care regime? What is it? If not do you think you’ll start now? Sure who doesn’t want good feet to be proud of and not be afraid to show off in the summer!

Yaz x

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  • I have to have a good footcare routine between the potential side effects of diabetes and running wrecking my feet.

    Gentle exfoliation and lots of thick moisturiser under a pair of socks twice a week, and a lick of nail polish to make them look pretty.

    • Oh you’re very good at looking after you’re feet! I love the sound of the moituriser and socks, they must feel baby bum soft in the morning lol!
      And of course, nail polish makes everything look better πŸ˜€

  • My feet are terrible at the minute, I haven’t been able to do anything properly with them in months, they’re in need of some serious TLC! Scholl’s cracked heel repair cream is an excellent product too, it really does make a world of difference in a very short space of time.
    Sharon recently posted…#SBBC Day 24 – Brand Highlight – An Ode to New LookMy Profile

    • Oh Sharon lol I remember it well, it’s impossible to reach you’re feet when heavily pregnant. Or if you do manage you’re completely breathless. You need to treat yourself to a pedicure huni xx

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