Tuesday Newsday! 14/10/14

Hello, how’s everyone’s Tuesday been?
I know your wondering what the heck is Tuesday bloody Newsday!?

Well, you see, in one week I get so many ideas in my head for posts from my own general news, new products I’ve seen or am trialing, funny things, sales (you know I love me a good bargain lol!) that I do be just dying to show you guys but don’t have enough time to write full separate posts.

I think’ Tuesday Newsday’ will be a good way to round up some of my fave things from the week as well as my own bits of news (nope no pregnancy announcements here lol!) maybe I’ll link to posts/instgram pics from the previous week too.

So here’s to the first ‘Tuesday Newsday’! Let me know what you think 🙂

1.Mothercare bargains!
Some of you may have seen be tweet/instgram my Mothercare bargains! Well I seen through the Twittervine that there was a sale on. I didn’t expect it to be this good though! I got all this for two of the kids for just €50. Score!!
mothercare bargains sale october
2. Date night to see Gone Girl
Went to see the movie Gone Girl this weekend…yeh the one with Ben Affleck ;P And it was brill. It was 2 and a half hours long but was so engrossed with heh twists and turns to the story we didn’t notice the time go at all. I highly recommend it if you like mystery’s. Really hoping there’s a second part!?
Apparently I missed a Ben Affleck, ahem…nude… scene though hmmmmm….gone girl movie review

3. Irish Water Protest
As some may know I’m dead set against the government privatising our water when we already pay for our water through taxes and this is not about water conservation to the government either (they could fix the pipes that are leaking 1,000’s of litres everyday if thats the case. There’s so many more reasons but anyway I went to the protest in town last Saturday and I’m so glad we did as it restored my faith in the Irish fighting spirit and made me proud to be Irish again that day. The atmosphere was amazing and there was a turn up of over 100,000 people (despite what government funded media may say) There’s another one planned for the 1st of November as far as I know.


4. Instyler
I was recently given the chance to try the Instyler….best way i can describle it it a rotationg straightner with a round barrel!? It curls, adds volume, straigtens and smoothes. I have’nt tried the curls yet but am lovin’ it for volume at the roots, it works really well and I’ve poker straight flat hair. Full review of this nifty hair product coming soon!
5. My new bag
Yup I love a new bag. I’ve wanted satchel style bag for ages but never seen one I like. But I was with Cat from BigBlondeGirl in town a few weeks ago and she brought me to The Cosmetic Outlet which she is always raving about. We were chatting away to the owner,Paul, when this beautiful bag caught my eye. I love purple and I love studs and gems so it had to be mine, and look at the pink lining. Swoon. Aoither bargain at €20! I bought some other bits too which I’ll show maybe next week.satchel purple studs

6.America….meet Cocoa Brown Tan!

Very exciting news for Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown Tan this week as the hit 1 hour tan will now be in the USA much to the delight of fans in America. Ricky’s NYC ,an on-trend chain of beauty super stores, snapped up Cocoa Brown to stock in their stores which will be available at the end of October Delighted for Cocoa Brown &  co! New York Launch

That’s all the things I can think of for this week, I just came up with the idea last minute and it’s after 10pm so I’d better post before Tuesday is over 😮
Thanks for reading! Yaz x

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