The Body Shop: NEW Argan Oil range – Review

I’ve some gorgeous Argan oil products to show your guys today. They are all from The Body Shop‘s new Argan Oil range which consists of 9 products!

I’m a huge fan of Argan oil for my hair as it’s very nourishing and moisturising so of course I would be delighted to try these argan oil products for the body. All the argan oil in these products is produced in a fair trade co-operative in Morocco by the Berber women of Targanine who call the oil ‘liquid gold’ because of its amazing skin and health benefits.

the body shop argan oil rangeI’ll start with the Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub (€18.95) first as exfoliation is the most important part of your skin care routine. No point putting moisturiser on dead cells now is there!
The body shop wild argan oil rough body scrub

I was anxious to use this scrub as most sort of moisturising scrubs leave a greasy film on the skin making it impossible to shave. That greasy film is a huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to exfoliators! Thankfully this is not at all what I expected and gives a great rough scrub without leaving any hint of a greasy film behind. The little bits in it are pieces of argan shell and it may sound very harsh but really isn’t. The pieces are tiny and give a great scrub without feeling like ive scratched my whole body lol.
This leaves skin feeling smooth, clean and not greasy so I can’t really ask for much more in an exfoliator. Oh and it smells good too, kind of nutty if you like woody scents then you’ll love it.

Next up The Wild Argan Oil Body Butter (€18.95) This is 24hour hydrating body butter and perfect for sufferers of dry skin. It smooths on nice and had a light scent. It’s not as rich as others which is nice as it feels light on the skin.
the body shop argan oil body butter

For those with really dry elbows and knees I think you’ll love the Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Hair & Body (€15) I use it on my lips too as they get so dry. It can be used on the ends of dry hair.
The body shop wild argan oil miracle solid oil hair and body

Last product I tried was The Radiant Oil for Hair & Body (€15) This is a dry oil, which I love because you can spray it on and get dressed straight away without waiting for it to soak in like normal body oils (I’m looking at you Bio Oil!) It gives a nice sheen to the skin and leaves it smelling lovely too, reminds me of being on holidays 😀 For the hair it can be used on dry or damp hair, just remember to concentrate on just the ends or you’ll have greasy flat hair at the roots!

The Body Shop Argan Radiant Oil Hair & Body Oil Review

The other products in the range are a massage soap (€6.50), shower gel (€8.95), bubbling bath (€13.50), body lotion (€13.50) & lip balm (€6.50). I’d say the ‘bubbling bath’ would be amazing!

What product would be your favourite from the new range?  Yaz x

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