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My Current Morning Skin Care Routine

morning skin care routine product

I haven’t done a skin care routine in yonks. I said now would be a good time as with it being Summer my skin care routine has changed again. I’m more oily around my t-zone in the warmer months so have to change products to deal with it and avoid breakouts. I’ll show you my …

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum Review

clarins mission perfection serum with cherries

I was recently at the launch for Clarins Mission Perfection serum, a new innovative skin care product to reduce age spots, acne scarring and redness without altering your skin’s natural skin colour Age spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin (the stuff that makes you tan) and although wearing an SPF everyday can help prevent them, …

Breville Blend Active blender – Review

brevile blend active smoothie maker review

The weather is getting warmer and it’s about now people will start going on a health kick making summer smoothies and protein drinks etc so I thought I’d finally do a review of the Breville Blend Active blender that we use. I mostly make smoothies with my blender as they are my go to breakfast …