Sleek Brow Kit-Review & How to (with before & after pics)

Good brows frame the face and really open up your eyes so I love mine to be defined. I like to have a good shape to them so get them threaded at The Body Shop and then fill them when doing my usual makeup.

My 2-year-old broke my usual one all over the bathroom (as they do haha) It was Benefit’s Brow Zings brow kit which is €34. I like Benefit but I really think you can get just as good quality cheaper, I think with Benefit a lot of what you’re paying for is their pretty packaging.
I knew Sleek did a brow kit and I already love the quality of Sleek so I said I’d try their one…after all it is was less than 1/3 the price of Benefit’s one at €9.99 and I have never been disappointed with Sleek products.

sleek brow kit review darkThe kit is so similar to Benefit’s Brow Zing’s!! The wax and powder are the same shade and the brushes are the same and just as good! You get a flat angled brush, flat round shadow brush and a mini tweezers.

Here’s a pic of my brows before and after using the kit. Can you see how big a difference it makes? They look fuller, thicker and way more defined making my eyes stand out more….the mascara & eyeliner helps too though 😉
Sleek brow palette kit before and after picHere’s some tips on how I get my brows defined.

  • Make sure you have a pretty good shape to start off with, I highly recommend threading at The Body Shop. It’s a lot less painfully than waxing and you end up with really naturally defined brows.
  • Using  the  Sleek brow kit, I get the angled brush with a little of the coloured wax to make the outline of the shape I want, lightly go around the upper and lower edges of your brows and on the hairs to set them.
  • Next I use the blending brush with the powder to fill in the gaps using little and light strokes.
  • Keep taking a step back and looking as you apply the wax and especially the powder! Remember to use a little and build up slowly…it’s easier to add more than take away too much!
  • If your brows end up too dark/defined for your liking or worse ‘scouse brow’ looking you can take a cotton bud or baby wipe over your nail to wipe off the excess. If it’s not too bad you can also tone it down by using your normal face setting powder and dusting it over your brows which I did above.
  • After getting the shape and definition I want I usually tweeze any stray hairs at this point as I can see better which ones are out-of-place.
  • As well as making your eyes stand out more and making your overall makeup look more ‘done’, fuller and more defined brows take years off your face. It’s a really simple non invasive anti ageing tip 😉
  • Sometimes if I’m too lazy to do a full face of makeup but don’t want to look awful doing the school run or popping to the shops, I just do my brows and lash on some mascara. This makes me look a bit more ‘done’ and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 😉

Hope these tips help and if you have any questions ask below.

I highly recommend every woman have a brow kit and this Sleek one is perfect for the job. I got mine for €9.99 from Cloud 10 Beauty.
What’s your favourite brow product? Do you prefer wax and powder like this or a brow pencil? Any other tips you would add?

Yaz x

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