September Favourites

The months are going too quick, but at least now we’re back into the school routine in our home. Next thing now is Halloween which I love.
Well, onto my September favourites. Some I’ve been using a few months and some are just old reliables.September Favourites blog post

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in Medium
I bought this contour kit to try instead of my usual Sleek one as it was on offer….so why not! I love the highlighter in it as it’s not as shimmery as the sleek one which can be too much some days. This is more on the white side than pink but still has a slight shimmer. The brown is just right too, not orange or muddy looking.SEVENTEEN CONTOUR KIT MEDIUM.jpg

The Body Shop Shea Body Spray
Sometimes I don’t want a heavy perfume for day time use when just doing school runs so I usually grab one of my Body Shop sprays. This one is sweet but not overly so, kind of a nutty scent too….god I’m not great at describing scents am I lol?! I want to buy some more light ones like this so tell me what ones from The Body Shop you like?

NYX Wonder Pencils
I had looked everywhere for these when the pr kindly sent me out the three shades to try. I knew they were handy and I would like them but I really love these. The darker ones work as a brilliant concealer for big red angry spots or even as a lip liner. I use the lightest shade for highlighting under and around my brows. It can also be used along the waterline to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. There is no ovbious doffernce between the medium and dark but the mediium has more cool tones and the dark more warm.                                    These are definitely something to have in your makeup kit or even just your handbag for a quick fix for spots or to highlight areas. Absolutely loving these!NYX WONDER PENCIL SWATCHES

Pixi Concealing Concentrate
As I’ve been breaking out a lot the past few months I have been reaching for this concealer. It’s quite thick but still blends out well and can be used under the eyes too. It has vitamins A, E and C in it to help nourish and revitalize skin so I like that added benefit. It can also be used for under eye circles and does a pretty good job to hide them but still need a proper eye brightening concealer which I believe these guys do. So I want to try that and also their Glow Tonic which I’m always hearing about.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation in Soft Beige
I must say I have been very unsure weather I liked this or not. The foundation itself is great. It has the slightest shimmer to it so you get a nice glow to your skin, gives great coverage and last really well throughout the day. I was just unsure f the shade, I thought maybe it was too pink toned on me but with a light dusting of Youngblood’s rice powder I think it looks pretty good especially since I have gotten a lot of compliments while wearing this so it must be doing it’s ‘anti-fatigue’ job 😛

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray
You may have noticed in the shops the Lovely Legs Spray has a sticker on the cap saying ‘New Improved Formula’ When I tried this about a year ago maybe ore when it first came out I found it very orange, I thought maybe it was just showing up funny on my tanned skin so I never tried it again. Marissa, fair play to her, though realized the shade wasn’t working for everyone so in true business woman style listened to what her customers wanted and made a new and improved Lovely Legs.
I wore this to the #PassionPersistencePink event on Sunday (post on that soon) and was really delighted with how it turned out. It’s a very natural sort shade and made my stretch marks and veins that I have from pregnancy much less noticeable. I’m very conscious of them so hate baring my legs but I felt much better about my legs with this spray and I didn’t put much on at all. I love that it’s instant because in fairness I never get time to tan and wait for it to develop etc. Also this didn’t wear off  during the day like I had expected, no marks on my dress or anything. Love the new formula and this product overall. I can see myself going through bottles of this next summer!
Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs tan spraySo that was my September favourites, I have more like a brilliant mascara I’ve been using but I’m hoping to give that it’s own post soon. If not, it will be in next months favourites! Yaz xo

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