Purminerals 5 piece Start Now Set – Review

A few months ago at a Wizard Publicity event we were given a very generous goodie bag and this Purminerals (not to be mistaken with Bare Minerals) 5 piece starter kit was one of the products given to us to try. To be honest I wasn’t pushed on trying it as I’ve never tried mineral makeup before and didn’t think it would do a great job However I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage you can get out of this!

Purminerals start Now Kit

Purminerals is makeup is all mineral based as the name suggests and they use no harsh chemical dyes, petroleum based oils, fragrances or fillers. Theyre products claim to improve you’re skins appearance over time and also prevent and interpt common problems such as acne, discoloration and loss of skin tone.

In the kit you get their Correcting Primer 10ml, 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup 4.3g, Mineral Glow 3.4g, and the Impact+ Mascara 3.4g.

First off the primer is pretty good it gives a nice base to start with, I think you definitely need a primer with any powder foundation to help it stay on better. The Purminerals primer claims to fill in pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots and I think it does a pretty good job, as I say the powder goes on much better with it.

The 4in1 pressed powder is a concealer, foundation, powder and sun protection (spf15), that’s a lot for one little powder! Like I said, I was not expecting the powder to do a great job at covering, I have fairly red cheeks and when I was trialing it I had a few stress spots on my forehead.  It did a really good job at covering the redness on my cheeks and the spots though so I surprised to say the least.
It gives light-medium coverage and I must say I’m using this a lot more than I thought I would. It’s actually great for those days when you want to give your skin a breather/not in the mood for a full ace of make up but still want some coverage or in hot weather where liquid feels like it melting off your face. My skin felt great while I was using it too, very soft and smooth as it contains shea butter, vitiman E and an anti aging complex!

I like the brush they give with it as it fits nicely into the little pots (which by the way lasts ages) and the bronzer is nice too, it gives a little glow to the skin.

I’m fussy about my mascara and the wand and unfortunately this just doesn’t meet my high standards haha, it still does the job though and I do like that it contains vitamins.

All in all I’d say this is a great starter kit if you like natural/light makeup or just want to try out the brand/mineral makeup first. I think it would be a lovely gift for a teenager or someone just starting out with make up, or even just to have for them ”breather days” like me, it’s much quicker to apply than liquid. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy the full-sized 8g 4in1 Pressed Mineral Foundation as I love that it’s actually good for your skin and it contains SPF all while doing a decent job at covering problems such as redness/spots.

PurMinerals is now available from Marks & Spencers

Have you tried any Purmineral products or and mineral makeup? Would love to know how other feel about them?

Yaz x

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  • This is useful! I just lost my make up bag on the train and going to have to start from scratch, also thinking I should use something radically different, will give these a good thinking over! x

    • Oh no, that’s as bad as losing your purse! But try think of it as a fun way to build up your stash again. This kit is good too because even if you don’t like the powder as a foundation you could use it as a finishing powder which I often do also x

  • I’m surprised to hear about the coverage, I’d always dismissed any kind of powders but it sounds good! I haven’t tried any mineral products at all.

    • I really didn’t expect it to cover as well as it did. So I’m glad I tried it at least and won’t be so wary of other mineral based products x

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