A Pregnant Woman’s Best Friend- The Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow

Yup, my best friend right now is a pregnancy pillow! Sleeping whilst pregnant is such a struggle as any pregnant mama knows. Trying to get comfortable with a big lump hanging out of you while on your side is near impossible. It’s like having a bag of lumpy potatoes strapped to you, that’s my description to himself when he asks why the bed is bouncing with me tossing and turning trying to get comfy haha!


Last pregnancy I had a lovely big Theraline pregnancy pillow (review here) but I couldn’t find it for this pregnancy and was gutted. Luckily Theraline contacted me to ask me to review another of their maternity pillow.
This time, I chose their Plushy Moon Pillow as it’s can be used multiple ways before and after birth. I love a product that has more than one use. It’s also much much smaller which was even better as space is getting tighter in our house now!

Uses of the Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow

– Tummy, leg and/or head support while pregnant
– Props baby to a better height to make breastfeeding more comfortable
– Support for newborn/baby to sit next to you on the sofa for example.
– Tummy Time for baby when a bit older
– Neck support for anyone while reading/relaxing. The kids love this pillow for relaxing!

theraline maternity plushy moon pillow review
The toddler robs the pillow on me, she loves it!
As I mentioned the pillow isn’t as big as the last one I had but I like that it’s smaller and more compact as is doesn’t take over the whole bed or sofa when I’m using it, one thing my OH wasn’t too impressed with the last one haha!

It’s a nice shape that can fit snug under my bump and legs at the same time or I can lie with it under my head and bump. The smaller/thinner bit of the moon shape is perfect for under you  bump while the bigger middle part is great for between my legs to help with hip and SPD pain.

Hard to get some sort of a flattering pic while using the pillow haha. Normally I’m way more sprawled all over it! 😛
The pillow is filled with teeny little micro beads making it really flexible and mouldable to your bump and body. On one side the cover is a velvet terry plush and  the other is a stretchy silk material. The cover can also be easily zipped off and put in the washing machine.

I’m really happy with this pillow especially now in my last couple of weeks, it really makes sleeping so much more comfortable. I certainly won’t be packing this one away like my last one as it’s a handy size and great for comfort. I will be using it to prop bubs up beside me on the sofa etc too so his siblings can have a good goo over him 🙂 and for general comfort on the sofa for me!

The Plushy Moon pillow is €30.99 can be bought from Boots here, All4Baby here or Amazon here I think the price is great considering it can be used so many different ways and is quite compact.

Any of you guys use this pillow before what did you think of it? Yaz x

Disclaimer: I was sent the Plushy Moon Pillow to review. As always all opinions, thoughts and feelings expressed are my own!

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