Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow from Theraline

Pregnant ladies know how uncomfortable that big bump carrying your baby can feel can feel, as wonderful as it is being pregnant it can get tiring and sore. If you have not gotten to that stage yet imagine a big bag sack of potatoes stuck to your front haha! No more sitting on the sofa or lying down in bed with your knees hunched to your chest lol! Even trying to sit on a chair comfortably is hard. So pillows are great for propping up your back, bump, legs etc. So I said this time I would try a pregnancy pillow since I haven’t had one before. Theraline were kind enough to send me their Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow to review.
theraline preganncy bed pillow

The pillow was much bigger than I expected, I’m around 5’1ish and it’s as tall as me lol!

theraline pillow back

I haven’t used it much while in bed as I just find it too big and bulky and it doesn’t really fit under my bump if I’m honest but I love using it during the day behind my back to prop myself up.

It helps support your lower back and neck at the same time this way,

It can also be used to prop up your feet and legs to help reduce fluid retention after being on your feet all day.

I can’t wait till my little bundle of joy is born as I’ll be able to use it to prob my arm up while feeding baba. When holding a baby for long periods at a time in the crook of your arm your arm and neck can get very sore and stiff so I imagine this will ease the strain.  Also when baba is a bit older and trying to master sitting up this will be great to surround them so they don’t hurt themselves if they fall back….or they can just have a little snooze with it :)
theraline pregnancy and nursing pillow uses

All of Theraline’s pillows (they have loads more to choose from) are made with mother & baby in mind so they don’t use any bad or harmful substances in either the filling or their covers, I love that! Pillows and other products (see their innovative belt for mothers who have had a c-section!) can be bought from their online shop here for £44.95. Delivery to UK is free but Irish customers can use Parcel Motel as I previously explained how to use here and just be charged €3.50 for their service. Or you can buy from Irish retailer Little Angels here for €59.99.

I’d love to know what you mama’s out there used to get comfy during pregnancy? Did you use lots of pillows or a specially designed pregnancy pillow? Let me know your recommendations below
Yaz x

  • missgreeneyes83

    I used a full body pillow from Argos, I just propped it along the wall and slept against it, tucked one end between my knees to relieve back and hip pain as well. I use it now in a horseshoe shape as a pillow to prop me up after the c-section so I’m not as flat, it’s also handy as a back support on the couch! I definitely recommend one to all pregnant women x

    • GlitterMama

      I’m using mine in the horseshoe shape behind my back in the bed while blogging right now lol! They really are great, so much sturdier and supportive than pillows! x

  • Aedin

    I have a pillow I bought in mothercare,found it more beneficial for feeding than relief from pain and stiffness during pregnancy to be honest!

    • GlitterMama

      I think no matter what it’s pretty impossible to get completely comfy while preg :(

  • Samantha

    This would be great too for people who have had hip replacements

  • Miss Green Eyes

    I used a big body pillow similar to this one from Argos, I found it invaluable! I used it in a kind of horseshoe shape like a giant inflatable swimming ring and it gave such good back support. Also used it in bed and put one end between my knees to help with pelvic & hip pain. Now the babas sit propped up on it sometimes, can definitely see it being in use for another few months – great investment & a lifesaver! xx

    • Yaz

      I’m finding it great now that I’m much bigger. Like you I use it in a horse shoe shape when sitting down its bliss! Ha my 2 year old loves using it too, I’d say it’l be really great when baba comes x