Physicians Formula Super BB review – Cream, Powder & Concealer

Can we just take a few seconds to take in the glittery loveliness of the packaging……….

physicians formula super bb range review

Fab isn’t it! We need more make-up packaged in holographic shiny goodness haha!

I feel kinda bad writing this review as Physicians Formula isn’t widely available yet in Ireland but in a few pharmacies which I’ll post at the end. I actually won a whole bunch of Physicians Formula at a meetup I was at recently. In case you do come across one though you can read how I’ve been getting on with their Super BB range.

Physicians Formula is a brand made for people with sensitive skin, with all their products being hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved and gluten-free,  read more about that and more reviews of their products in my first post about the brand here.

The Super BB Powder is what I use most. I was so surprised at the amount of coverage you get with this. Every time I wear it, either on it’s own or over foundation, I get compliments on my skin looking great (really it’s in bit lol) 🙂 It does a great job of evening out skin tones, covering redness of spot or areas of sensitivity and filling in pores to leave a flawless finish with no effort at all.
I have oily skin and find it a bit drying on my cheeks but it’s great on my oily t-zone. Just make sure to put on a good moisturiser before applying to help balance out the dryness. Other than that it’s a winner and I’m a big fan.
If you have very dry skin I think you might want to give this a miss though.

Next is the concealer which is the opposite of the powder and not drying at all. It’s very creamy and blends out well with your finger tip. As you can see I have dark  reddish/purple circles under my eyes. Looking at the before and after pic I think it does a good job of reducing the darkness without creasing and going all dry after a long day. It deffo brightens the area. The coverage on this is buildable so I like to put some under foundation and after too for super bright eyes lol!

physicians formula super bb concealer


Last is the BB cream. As it’s very pink toned and I’ve more yellow undertones it makes me look really flushed unfortunately so haven’t used it a lot but it’s a lovely consistency for blending with your fingers and covers blemishes really well.

All of the Super BB range comes in two shade variations light/medium & medium/deep.
physicians formula locations where to buy ireland

Would love to know if you’ve tried any of these yet and what you think if them? Yaz x

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