Physicians Formula Launches in Ireland!

Last week I was invited to the Irish launch of the U.S popular makeup brand Physicians Formula  in Morrison’s Hotel Dublin. We were greeted with champagne, jelly beans and of course a full display stand of Physicians Formula makeup. Swooooon!


I have to tell you about the story behind Physicians Formula first though coz it’s too cute not too and I love a good story behind a company. Dr.Frank Randal was an allergist in the 1930’s and his wife had sensitive skin. He wanted to make her cosmetics  that she could use on her skin and so in 1937 Physicians Formula was born. Not may can say their husband/wife made them a makeup brand now can they lol!
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Makeup artist Emma O’Farrell and her team where there to go through the products with us and do mini makeovers. Orla used a gorgeous purple gel cream eyeliner on me. It comes in a tower with two other shade I was very impressed with this as was Orla. I think it comes with an eyeliner brush too. Can’t wait to get my hands on that.

Orla also used Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow which has strips of beautiful golds and browns. It was really gorgeous on as a bronzer, it gave a dewy finish to my makeup. I loved that it could also be used as eyeshadows. This would be so handy for holidays.


Not only does Physicians Formula makeup make you look good, it can make you feel good too. For example their Happy Booster Blush (which I reviewed here) has feel good ingredients that mimic the effect of those happy endorphins! Or if you want some sexy time, lol, try their Sexy Booster Bronzer or Blush which contains ancient aphrodisiac Horny Goatweed!!! I kid you not, it’s real!

I have only had a chance to quickly try the products I received below but I really like them so far. The Beauty Balm Powder gives great coverage, has an SPF3O and reduces the appearance of large pores whilst giving a nice even coverage!

The Shimmer Sticks Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio are a lovely creamy consistency so glide on. I got the sultry smoky trio which is for making a smoky eye but I haven’t tried to do that with them yet.  They are water and smudge proof and claim to give 24 hours wear.

Last I tried the Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls,this is a highlighter for either all over or just cheeks etc. I don’t really like this, I’m not sure if it’ s the shade or what but I just don’t find it anything special, just not for me and it’s very powdery and crumbles when you brush over it.

There is also an organic line called Organic Wear which contains a CC Cream & Mascara.

Oh and they have Lash Boosting products!!! A  liquid eyeliner that contains lash boosting serum and a lash boosting mascara! I loved the look of the wand on that too! I’m all over them when I can find a stand! I’m so excited for them as I love trying new mascaras especially!!

Over in America, Physicians Formula is best known for their bronzers. If I remember correct for every 2 bronzers sold in America, one of them is by Physicians Formula! Pretty amazing!

Physicians Formula come out with 50 new products a year!!! That is a huge amount! So whether or not we will see all 50 new products every year here in Ireland it’s still a brand to keep your eyes peeled for. I love the concept of it and so far have loved most of the few products I’ve tried.

Physicians Formula should all be hitting pharmacies from the 1st of June….that’s a Sunday by the way so you can plan haha!

Tell me have you tried any products from Physicians Formula before? What is your favourite or what do you look foward to trying? Yaz xx

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