Personalised Christmas Cookies!

T’is the season to for cookies and icing fa la la la la la la la la! 😉 Yes I love cookies all year round but I prob only ever bake around Christmas so I was delighted to get to try this very cool cookie stamping set by Parragon books.

The set comes with a brilliant recipe book with plain cookies and more Christmassy ones with cinnamon and the likes., very easy steps to follow too.

#baking & #stamping #christmascookies! this is...
#baking & #stamping #christmascookies! this is such a cool set from @parragonbooks great idea to give personalised cookies as gifts #christmas #christmastree #cookies #nomnom #instafood #tistheseason via glitter_mama_

I made two of the recipes so far,The Cookie Candy Canes which is a lovely mix with maple syrup and brown sugar so very luscious. I also made Santa Sugar Cookies which had vanilla essence and castor sugar. Both were really easy recipes and turned out really yummy!

The stamping was a bit time-consuming, between separating the letters/numbers and cutting off the excess plastic that took me ages and then trying find the letters you needed but the good thing is you don’t have to stamp them but it does add an extra special touch if you are giving them to neighbours/friends, great cheap but thoughtful gift idea.
Christmas cookies gift
I also made little holes before I baked the cookies and hung some of them on the tree….guaranteed they disappeared very quickly with my 2 and 6-year-old lol 😉
Hanging Christmas Cookie DecorationsVery handy set to have around Christmas time or any time of the year, they make great gifts and is fun for the kids.

Unfortunately when I received this  was under the impression it was available to my readers in Republic of Ireland via Amazon but it doesn’t seem to be which is a pity but UK peeps can buy this set from Asda. Maybe if you have a friend or are travelling up North you could get it 😉

What’s your favourite thing to bake at Christmas? And do you bake things to give as gifts to neighbours/friends etc? Yaz x

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