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Pampers Preemie Protection Nappy

When I got the news that Pampers were making nappies for premature babies I instantly thought how lucky I am to be associated with a brand that wants to care for all babies in this world, especially those who are most vulnerable.

pamoers Newborn size 0 nappy compared to preemie protection size p3 nappy with a 1 euro coin and hair clip
Pampers Newborn size 0 nappy compared to preemie size p3 nappy with a 1 euro coin and hair clip

There are approximately 4,500 babies born prematurely every year1 here in Ireland and while there are some nappies available to premature babies, they are often too big and can sometimes cut or lift the baby’s skin when taking the nappy on and off, so Pampers have come up with a new range of nappies that are specifically made to suit the needs of premature babies.

These nappies have been designed with the help of Neonatal nurses in the US and as a result they are specifically tailored to the needs of a premature baby. The new Pampers Preemie Protection range will have 3 sizes and the smallest size will be for babies who weigh as little as 1lb 8oz (800g). 
To celebrate the launch of this new nappy range, Pampers are working with the Irish Premature Babies Association and Pampers are donating the new Preemie Protection nappies to Maternity hospitals, Special Care Baby Units and Neonatal Units around Ireland for one year! That’s approximately 300,000 nappies to help nurses, parents and babies!

pampers preemie protection nappy range ireland
Pampers newborn size 0 nappy, newborn vest, mitten compared to the Pampers p3 size preemie protection nappy

I really hope these new nappies bring a tiny bit of hope to parents of premature babies. I can only imagine how happy it will make a parent to see their baby in a nappy that actually fits them properly instead of looking swamped and even more delicate. I remember the newborn size nappies were big on my smallest baby at a healthy 7lb 2oz and in the way of the umbilical cord stump so I can only imagine how swamped a tiny baby of 2lbs is in them let alone something smaller that still doesn’t fit great. 

Again, I’m so happy to be working with Pampers especially when I see them bring out products like this for a minority group of babies that can often be overlooked for something as simple, but useful, as a proper fitting nappy. It really will make a huge difference.

1.4,500 premature babies are born every year in Ireland Source: Irish Premature Babies based on figures from Central Statistics Office.
*This is a sponsored post with Pampers who I am working with as a Pampers Baby Board Member. 

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