One Month into Life with Four Kids

Actually as I write this it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve had baby no.4 who we called Billy (William). We took long enough to name him says you. I am so indecisive with big decision like that…like he has to have that name forever so I had to be sure I liked it. I’m still getting used to the name though truth be told! 😮


Day to day life is busy, that surely goes without saying I think. In all honesty though it’s not half as bad having 4 kids as I dreamed (had nightmares about it literally). It’s very much the same as 3 kids. I was busy as it was with 3 so another one is no big deal. I’m already on my feet all day always doing housework or cooking so another kid to slot in isn’t too bad. Sure they are easy enough as newborn though, they feed, sleep, cry a bit when they’ve wind, have a cuddle (yay for those) and repeat. It’s when they start moving is the real tough stage so maybe I’m speaking too soon haha! Yew being pulled, literally in 4 directions some days is so stressfull. Big kid needs help with homework, the boy wants food, the toodler needsher  bum wiped all while I’m settling or feeding the baby. Those days I want to…and sometimes do just cry. 

The other kiddos are an amazing help though, especially my eldest who’s 9. She makes her and her brothers lunch when we are rushing in the morning, helps dress the toddler too. I think I’d be lost without her as hard as she is sometimes with her moody attitude 😉 She loves having siblings though and I’m so glad she has them and they all have each other when they are older.
The boy is being a great too, he helps with his sister to tidy the toy room and empty the dishwasher sometimes. He’s so affectionate with his little brother too when I didn’t think he’d pay much attention to him.

The toddler was a different story, she’s took a few weeks to warm up to this new little thing taking over her mammy and daddy. She still gives him the evils lol! But she can be really sweet too if she see’s him crying she goes over and kisses him or if he’s asleep she tells us all to sshhhhh. It all depends on her mood. Thar’s toddlers for you haha!

img_2354I’m still in a lot of pain with my hip so I won’t even go for a walk as I can’t keep up with the toddler. Unbelievably I had to beg to get a one to one physio apt in hospital,and that’s not for another 2 weeks. I hope they can help as it feels like my left aide is misaligned, just doesn’t feel right at all. It’s funny how as soon as you give birth the hospitals don’t really care much about you. You did your job it seems :/

The thing I’m probably struggling with a bit now is the loneliness. I suppose due the hip pain, I’m feeling that bit more isolated. I can’t drive or walk for long so that’s been shitty. Also all the promises of regular vists and help with the baby have dissapeared. I kinda knew though it was just all talk, you know, people say it to be nice but are busy when the baby comes so I’m not too let down over it. Just another reminder why I tend to keep to myself and not rely on or get too close to people. I actually hate having to ask for help too. It’s just me, the kids and himself which suits me fine. I’ve always been a bit of a recluse haha!

I will say a big massive thank you to Kellie from My Little Babog however. My first week alone when himself had to return back to work I was very anxious about. Little Bill was only 2 weeks old so I was still recovering and worried about being alone with 4 kids and school runs to do etc.
Kellie came up to me that Monday knowing it was my first day alone I think. She brought mcdonalds for us and the kids, pancakes, breakfast, coffee too! I couldn’t believe it and I actually cried after she left beacuse it was just so bloody nice, it really set me up for the week. It was lovely to have another mama with me for a few hours on my first day alone, so thank you again Kellie!
Did I mention she herself just had her 4th baby 3 months ago? Wonder woman.

I’m only 5 weeks in though so I know things will improve both physically and in turn mentally for me. The pain in my hip is just making me very irratable and down. I’m still on my anti depressants since pregnancy so they are keeping my mood stable. I feel so much better than I did onprevious  pregnancies where I didn’t continue my meds. A reminder that being a martyr with depression doesn’t always pay off.

Oh….tiredness, probably the most asked question ‘You must be knackered?’ Believe it or not I’m not too bad! Little Bill sleeps 3-5 hrs at a time. I’m getting much better quality sleep now compared to pregnancy. The 3-5 hours solid sleep, not waking up in severe pain or having to go pee every 30 mins is absolute bliss. The 6 cups of coffee a day helps too 😉

So that’s my update. I wish I could have read this back in January when I was absolutely BRICKING myself about the surprize baby haha! Yaz x

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