Oily, greasy, limp hair? Try reverse washing!

Reverse washing for oily hairAbout 6 months ago I was reading an article somewhere online with hair tips. It had lots of ones I already know but one that piqued my interest was reverse washing!

Most people shampoo their hair first then condition it, it’s been engrained in us since we were young. With reverse washing you condition your hair first then shampoo it, hence the reverse bit.

Normally when you condition your hair last it leaves a residue on your scalp and hair no matter how much you think you’ve rinsed it out. If you shampoo after conditioning however it washes away any excess heavy residue meaning your hair won’t be weighed down or get greasy after half a day as it was in my case.
Or have you ever blow-dry your hair and notice it’s greasy again? Well, I think, that’s because you have conditioner left in your hair and the heat just sort of spreads it out.

Since the first time I used the reverse washing technique my hair doesn’t get greasy so quick at all! I easily get longer between washes now and my hair feels just feel less weighed down and is definitely more bouncy. It’s way easier to style too.

So next time your washing your hair try out this technique, nothing to lose. If your hair is very knotty and needs conditioner last try a conditioning spray on towel dried hair and some serum after its dries so you still have that moisture.

Since talking about it on snapchat I’ve had a few people say this is the way they wash their hair all the time now as it makes such a difference.

Try it out and let me know how you get on, hope you love it as much as me 🙂  Yaz xo

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