O2 Lift Facial by Image Skincare at Anna Schu Salon – Review

I love facials, I find they are a great boost to anyone’s skin care regime. I was lucky enough to get the chance to try Image Skincare‘s new facial treatment, The O2 Lift or the ”Red Carpet Ready Facial”! This facial infuses O2 or simply put oxygen , plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into your skin with 5 different steps! Yep that’s a mouthful but these are all very rejuvenating ingredients for your skin to leave it looking and feeling revived!

image-o2Lift-Treatment facial reviewI generally have good skin as in I’ve never suffered from acne, I just get the odd hormonal breakout and I’m neither too dry or too oily.  The past year has been a rough one and so skin care took a back seat. I also smoke, sorry ex smoker now that I’m pregnant 😉 so my skin has been dry and dull since giving up smoking and I definitely wasn’t feeling that pregnant ”glow” my skin felt very rough and dull if anything.  I really needed a quick fix and the O2 lift facial sounded like it was just what I needed

So off I went to Anna Schu‘s newest salon in Stillorgan which is gorgeous! It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere to it, I could have stayed there all day!

Anna herself (right) one one of the beuticians
Anna herself (right) with one of the beauticians outside Anna Schu, Stillorgan

I was brought into one of the treatment rooms with soothing light and music where Cindy (if my memory is correct!) did my facial after asking a few basic questions about my skin care routine.

First a Gel to Milk cleanser was first applied to remove any makeup, dirt and oil from my face. This felt very soothing on my skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Next was an enzymatic facial peel to exfoliate the skin. This has papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes so it’s natural yet very effective, it also smelled gorgeous! This is massaged in for a couple of minutes and gently wiped off with sponges and water.

The oxygenated masque was applied next which obviously infuses O2 into the skin. This was pretty cool, it is went on like a cream and then after a few minutes I could feel little bubbles on my skin popping, like fizz dissolving on my face….it was a very relaxing sensation! Meanwhile I was also given a shoulder massage! I feel sleepy thinking about it!

Next a pure plant stem cell enhancer was applied, this is a kind of serum full of Vitiman C and stem cells to rejuvenate skin and prevent the signs of aging

Lastly a tinted moisturiser from Image Skincare was applied to protect the skin from outside elements

When the facial was over I was let get ready and given a glass of water by Cindy 🙂 She also gave me a post treatment kit (you don’t get that with many facials, that’s exceptional aftercare!) and explained to me when to use each one and what they were for.

Right from when I left the salon my skin felt really light, almost like my skin had been deep cleansed. It just felt really clean and fresh. It also felt smooth as a baby’s bum, I’m not joking! My skin looked brighter and really healthy looking. Over then next week I used the post treatment kit. I loved all the products in the kit, I think my favorite was the lightening serum it really did brighten my skin and reduce the appearance of any darker pigmentation I had from previous spots/blemishes!
Image skincare post treatment kit facialImage skincare post treatment kit directions

The facial costs €95 from Anna Schu and last approx 45mins. All in all I have to give this facial top marks 10/10. As someone trained in facials I am super fussy and know when I have a good therapist who knows what she is doing/talking about. Cindy was so professional and really did know her stuff so I felt very safe in her hands. A good therapist really does make all the difference but as well as that this was my first experience with any Image Skincare products and I’ve really fallen in love.

I highly recommend this facial for anyone who needs a boost to their skin. I imagine smokers would see a massive difference to their skin after how mine felt and I have been off the smoke about 6 months now!

Yaz x

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