Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles – Ice Pop Moulds

Having two older kids and a baby who wants everything they have causes a lot of load crying from all parties! Glitterbaba wreaks havoc grabbing everything they have, ice pops was the latest battle! She wanted the big ice pops but if you gave her one it would melt all over her because they were too big for her.

So I wanted small baby ice pop moulds which they don;t seem to have in the usual places like Mothercare or Homestore & More. I eventually found perfect ones from Nuby called Garden Fresh Fruitsicles! 

Yay! Our Nuby order arrived! Have already made the little ive PPS and they are great. Easy for little baby hands to grip and cools their gums from teething!  And I'm hoping the shampoo jug thing will stop the tears at bath time from all three of the kids!! Love Nuby baby stuff! :) #nuby #baby #weaning #teething #icepops #fruitpops #bathtime #lunchtime #fruit

I found out Nuby had an Irish site with delivery being €3.50 so I ordered a few bits off them to make it worthwhile 😉

The kids love these little ice pops now especially when they help me make them. They are a great ‘treat’ but because I’ve made them myself I know they are healthy. Win, win!
These are just brilliant for days when glitterbaba is irritable with her teeth, they cool her gums and calm her down while she’s sucking on them. Also the large handle on them makes it very easy for their little hands to grasp onto.
Look how content she is below 🙂

nuby pop moulds

I mostly use blended fruit like bananas, raspberries, mango, strawberries with some plain yoghurt or just water. Or you can mash some fruit with water for a cool ice pop with fruit chunks!

Once frozen I run them under warm water before taking them out otherwise the stuck just comes away if you pull too hard!
homemade fruit yogurt baby pops


You can get the Nuby ice pop moulds from the Nuby website above or here from Amazon. If you have any other nice ice pop recipes, let me know below! 
Yaz xo


Oh and just in case you’re wondering, the Nuby soothers are great glitterbaba loves them and we know how fussy babies get about their soothers! They’re very flexible and move with their sucking motion. The shampoo thing isn’t bad when I can get the kids to put their heads right back. They hate getting their hair washed!


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