November Favourites

I’ve been using and loving a lot of products last month so I’ll do a round up of my most used 🙂

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hands
I’ve been using La Roche Posays new hand cream from their skin and skin barrier repairing Cicaplast range. It’s really thick and leaves a light barrier, or ”invisible glove” as LRP say, on hands/cuticles protecting them for up to 3 hand washes, pretty impressive and very handy for someone who has their hands in water a lot. It contains shea butter so it feels really soft when applied and not at all sticky! The texture is very like Garnier’s Intensive 7 day Hand Cream which I wrote about here. So far I love it and my cuticles are less dry. Available from pharmacies nationwide for €7.50

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex
I’ve always had super dry lips, no idea why or what it is but they are constantly dry and flaky to the point they actually hurt…..very attractive picture I’m painting here huh haha?! Some lip products even make it worse! The organic range, Ormedic, from Image is one I’ve been very impressed with which you can see here, and their lip gel is no different.
It helps my lips heal and quickly diminishes that dry feeling. This is pricey though so I like to use it as an overnight treatment. I wake up after putting a thin layer on my lips and they feel hydrates and look a lot healthier. See for your nearest salon stockist
ormedic balancing lip complex review

Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads
Waxperts by business woman Ellen Kavanagh (Irish brand whooo-hooo) is best known for their innovative waxing products but now they have a solution for those pesky (and sore) ingrown hairs you get after waxing/shaving!
The pads contain salicylic acid a gentle exfoliator, rosemary oil which has anti-inflamatory properties and panthenol which is a super moisturising so will help relieve itching! There are little bumps on the pad too to help them do their job. I just rub the in circular motions onto my skin where I’d be most prone to ingrown hairs/itchiness and so far so good, I’m less irritated with hairs growing back. They are also perfect for getting rid of those little bumps you get on your upper arms!
A tub costs €7.99 and contains 40 pads, see for your nearest salon stockist
waxperts ingrown hair pads

White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Parfum by The Body Shop
With being pregnant my smell has changed and is very sensitive (I’m like a dog asking everyone what’s that smell when no one else can smell it haha!) so even my favourite perfumes can smell yuck and overpowering :/ I wasn’t sure I would like this White Musk scent, I thought it would be a strong stingy eyes scent but Smoky Rose is surprisingly delicate, it’s not overpowering but leaves a light lingering scent so I’ve been wearing this everyday, it’s beautiful. Quite Christmassy too with the dark smoky/spicey scent to it also. Perfect light everyday scent for pregnant mamas or mama’s with babies!
Available from €15.95 from The Body Shop stores Nationwide. Also consider buying the girt set as The Body Shop Ireland are dedicating £200,000 from their gift sales to help build 5 schools in deprived areas around the globe. Give Joy this Christmas!! 😀
white musk smoky rose review the body shop YoungBlood Cosmetics
In particular their Liquid Mineral Foundation and their Rice Setting Powder! I was very impressed with YoungBlood Cosmetics when I first heard about them when they came to Ireland which you can read about here.
My skin hasn’t been as oily the past month so this mineral liquid foundation is going on beautiful to my skin, even though it’s meant for dry skin I haven’t found it oily at all, my skin just feels really refreshed with this, it’s also really lightweight but gives great coverage. Very happy with this!
The Mineral Rice Setting Powder, although a shade too light for my skin (nothing a bit of bronzer can’t fix) gives a really flawless matt finish and helps fight shine. Glides on and feels like silk. Most importantly what I love about YoungBlood cosmetics is that they are natural and actually good for your skin, they can even improve skins texture and appearance over time!
YoungBlood Mineral Foundation rice powder reviewWell there was my November favourites, please do leave a comment or link your own November favourites post so I can see what you’ve been loving, Yaz xx

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