November/December Pregnancy Update & Favourites

Hi all, I thought I’d do a little update on where I’m at with my pregnancy, I was meant to post this last month so really it’s a November & December update with my faves/most used products the last few weeks.
Well I’m 34 weeks pregnant now. Not much to say but basically I’m fed up now haha, I feel, fat, uncomfortable and I’ve been sick with my health from infections to colds constantly the last 3 months and have been on a lot of antibiotics. I’m not sleeping great at night either from all my colds/headaches/back aches/pelvic aches and having to pee every 45 mins. I’m very very tired now and can not wait to have this baby out and in my arms!! So yes that was a bit of a pregnancy moan rather than an update lol!
Anyway here some products I’ve been using a lot the past couple of weeks.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil
Due to being pregnant and the cold weather my skin is dry and itchy, oh god how itchy my poor belly is! La Roche Posay’s Cleansing oil (well really it’s a gel texture) from their Lipikar range which is for dry skin has been helping to soothe the itchiness and redness from scratching. This is an anti-irritant and provides the skin with the lipids required for rebuilding the skin barrier so it’s even great for winter with the harsh weather. I use it when I’m in the shower and lathers up nice and leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed but it can also be used in the bath too which is great.
This costs just €13.75 from pharmacies nationwide. This stuff lasts ages!

Cantaloop Over the Bump Pants
A little bit of bump support can never go a miss when pregnant, also you would be surprized how cold your belly feels in the winter…it is after all sticking out so gets the most of the rain/harsh winds lol! These over the bump pants from Cantaloop give an extra layer of warmth to the bump and support it a bit too, I feel more secure too in case my top lifts up that my bump is covered. These are available from some Boots stores I’ve seen, Amazon or for around approx €15
cantaloop pants over the bump review

Mama Baby Bliss Products
Made by Mum herself Justina Perry, Mama Baby Bliss products are for any woman as the products are made using natural, plant-derived ingredients and do not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or colours! So you know you are safe using these products while pregnant or on baby!
I’ve been loving the ‘And Relax…” Bath Soak the best, it smells so aromatic (lavender!) and contains oils to nourish and soothe the skin and it makes lots of bubbles 😉
The ”Tummy Love” Massage Oil (cute name huh!?) contains Vitamin E, C & A, omega oils and lots more to help skins elasticity and moisture levels to relieve and moisturise stretching skin! Products are priced very reasonably too just £7.50 for the bath soak & £13.50 for the tummy oil. Delivery is free to the UK so for Irish customers your best bet is to use Parcel Motel.
mama baby bliss product reviewThat’s it really, I’m loving my baths as it’s tiring standing up in showers now lol!
Have I any other pregnant readers out there? How are ye all feeling? Yaz x

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