New year & NO resolutions!

Hi there! I’m back after a pretty long hiatus! I hope you all had a lovely chilled out Christmas 😀

I badly needed the break to recharge and gather my thoughts.
I like to just do nothing at times and just enjoy the moment…enjoy that moment in time with the kids or whatever it is without looking into the future and ultimately worrying which is what I do best!

This brings me to the much talked about “new year resolutions” everyone makes. Well, I’ve decided this year not to make any….maybe that’s a resolution in itself though lol!

Basically I’m just going to take this year day by day or even week by week. I hate making plans/goals far ahead because I never know when another depressive episode will hit, it’s unpredictable so I’ve learned. If I’m having a bad day I need to just go with it and listen to my mind and body instead of trying to fight it and do things I’m not up to which makes me more upset because I can’t be ‘normal’ or ‘perfect’
If I’m having a good day/week/month and feeling great, again, I will go with it, run with it actually and just enjoy it! It’s a bit like mindfulness I suppose. Being aware of what’s going on right now not in the past or future, just being in the present.IMG_7854.JPG
Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my calendars and have a thing for  to-do lists. I like to keep a little bit on top of things and be somewhat organised but I want to just focus more on the task at hand so to speak.

One resolution I used to make pretty much every year, along with half the world, was to eat better and exercise more blah blah blah. Like most, over enthusiasm would quickly burn that resolution in less than a month haha! So my ‘take things each day as they come’ motto ties in nicely with this. I want a healthy lifestyle not a quick fix diet. I’m always working on eating better etc so it will just be another one of those things that’s better to take day by day or even week by week.
live day by day quote
I had this whole post written out much better last night when I was in a thoughtful mood 😉 but wordpress deleted it after it said it was saved sigh.  So I hope it makes sense…..well it did last night in my head lol!

I’d love to hear if you have any resolutions or have you decided to screw em like me this year? Yaz xx

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