Netflix: October Top Picks #StreamTeam

I have such a love/hate relationship with Netflix lately. I love it but hate not getting the time to watch it! I’m deffo going to try this weekend though as I didn’t even get to watch some that I wanted to last month The Babadok was one as I love scary movies (see my last Top picks here)
I want to try watch a few scary ones  for the season that’s in it. You can see my top 6 Halloween movies on Netflix here
So for this month here is some more things added to my ‘to watch’ list and also what the kids have been watching.

Remembering Robin Williams
Robin Williams was by far one of my favorite actors. When I was having a bad day his movies would always get a smile out of me. Little did I know he was battling his own demons which made it more shocking when he sadly passed away and depression killed him. I never knew he had depression until he died so I look forward to watching this documentary (with tissues) to find out more about this amazing actor.remembering robin williams netflix

Chef’s Table
I forgot to mention this one a few months ago. I wouldn’t really be into food programmes like The Great British Bake Off so that’s why. Anyway, for the foodies out there this series goes into the homes/kitchens of 6 of the worlds most renowned chefs. I’d say you’d pick up a few great cooking tips from this….I probably need to watch this lol!chefs table netflix

Angriest Man in Brooklyn
Ah, Robin Williams stars in this 2014 film which means it’s probably one of the last ones he filmed before his death.
It’s about a man with less than 90 minutes to live after being told he has a brain aneurysm. He then tries to make amends with as many people as he can. Mila Kunis also stars. It’s under comedy but I’ll prob cry just because it’s Robin Williams and every time I’ve tried watching a funny movie of his I cry because I still can;’ believe he’s gone <3the angriest man in brooklyn netflix

Bad Grandpa
Ok let’s lighten the mood a bit. Johnny Knoxville of the infamously hilarious MTV series Jackass stars as the grandpa in this. If he’s like the grandpa he played in Jackass I’ll be rolling around laughing! 🙂bad grandpa netflix

How to get away with Murder (22nd October)
I watched an episode of this on TV series awhile ago actually and loved it but between one thing and another I never got to see the rest so I’m delighted this is coming to Netflix on Thursday!
It follows an American criminal lawyer and professor who takes on 5 students as interns from her class that she teaches called ‘How to get away with murder’. It’s not long before they really do end up in a murder plot!How to get away with murder netflix

Puffin Rock
I have to admit, I really love this show myself. The theme tune is so catchy (no, I didn’t look up the song lyrics so I could sing along) and the whole show is just so cute. Little baby puffins like come on, adorable! It’s bright & colourful so keeps the young kids still for a little while. Best of all it’s an Irish-made cartoon and narrated by Chris O’Dowd!puffin rock irish netflix

Paw Patrol
It seems every preschooler and young school aged kid loves this show! My little boy nearly fell off the bed with excitement when he found it on Netflix up in my bed when he was sick one day! He was chuffed lol! They have season 1 on so far which has 26 episodes so that will keep them going till they add another season hopefully. I’m still waiting on another season of Peppa Pig as the baba is bored with them all now ha!paw patrol netflix


Hopefully you’re sorted for something to watch now at the weekend. Let me know what you’ve seen anything good on Netflix! Yaz x

Disclaimer: I’m part of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means I get free membership (I was already a subscriber though)
All opinions on this blog are just that, my own honest opinion.

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  • I’ve got half of these on my Netflix list Yaz, my son loves Paw Patrol too I missed How To Get Away With Murder when it was on tv, think I’ll be having a mini Netflix marathon next week

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