Natural Deodorants : MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant vs Bionsen Sensitive Stick Deodorant

Since doing some research on deodorants I have been worried about what I’m putting under my arms so close to breast tissue. Although no concrete evidence has made a link, it still worries me what putting aluminium and paraben products does so close to breast tissue. Also the lawsuits against Johnsons for talcum powder causing ovarian cancer makes me wonder are we really being told the truth about the effects of chemicals absorbed via our skin. So especially now with me being pregnant I decided to give natural deodorants a go despite my OH thinking I’ve gone a bit hippyish now 😛

I was sceptical making this change as I know the natural ones aren’t an antiperspirant without the aluminium and chemicals like my fave Sure roll on, so I was prepared to notice a big difference in terms of sweat. Then again I’m not a very sweaty person so I thought I could try it out at least.

Bionsen Moogoo natural deodorants review

I went to Boots first to have a look at what was on the shelves, for a reasonable price. I came across the brand Bionsen which I heard was good and was even flying off the shelves according to the shop assistant.I eventually got the one I wanted another day in Boots for a steal at €3.99.

First impressions weren’t good however. It looked like jelly and didn’t smell too either. It smelled fresh but almost like plain washing detergent. When applied it wasn’t at all wet but not creamy either, more tacky and sticky. It felt like that for hours and I just hated it. I kept trying it anyway for a good 2 weeks and left it dry longer, made sure my pits were super dry etc but nothing at all helped. I had a bit of sweat but then it smelled funny. I smelled like gone off washing powder if that’s a thing lol. Regardless of the sticky feeling of the product, the smell alone of it in the tube would turn me off continuing to use it.

I felt very defeated on my quest to find a natural deodorant but then in a group I’m in, fellow parent blogger Suzy from The Airing Cupboard mentioned she used Moo Goo Fresh Cream Deodorant. I had read about this one but because it was a wet roll on (not a cream as the name suggests) I thought it would take an age to dry to wanted to avoid it. I asked Suzy how she found it though and she said she loved it so I popped to my local chemist to get a bottle for €7.95.

When I got home I tried it straight away and on snapchat too (click here to add me) and I’m raging I didn’t download the video now. First impressions on this were great! It smelled really nice, like lemon, lovely and fresh and dried quicker than I expected.

moogoo bionsen natural aluminium free deodorant

I’ll just spit it out now, I LOVE this one. When applied it feels cooling and really doesn’t take long to dry at all, about 1 minute. It dries into a sort of powder so you can expect some white marks if you aren’t careful. I sometimes put it on after my clothes to avoid white marks and it dries fine. It’s a small price to pay to have no chemicals on your body especially near and near breast tissue. For sweat I find this does a great job at masking any odour, now as I say I don;t sweat that much under my arms but even on warm days I found this did a decent job. It also contains natural ingredients to help control bacteria which sounds good to me!

You can buy the Moo Goo deodorant online here or in some pharmacies. You can see on their stockist’s page here.

So obviously the Moo Good natural deodorant wins by a long shot. I will definitely be repurchasing but if you guys use any natural deodorants let me know which ones you do or don’t recommend. Or if you tried either of the above let me know what you think? Yaz x

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