My trip to Bluestone National Park Resort with Stena Line -Part 2

Read part 1 here to see how I found my first time travelling by ferry!

So we arrived at Bluestone Resort around 1.30pm only less than half an hours drive from Fishguard.

We checked in at the reception area from our car but I was disappointed that we couldn’t check in until 4.30pm! At this stage the kids were understandably cranky and tired after being up since 5am. They told us we could go to the indoor adventure park or to the swimming pool but it was the last thing we wanted to do, we all just wanted to go have a nap haha! We walked down to the village in the resort from the long-term stay car park first to have a little look. The village was lovely with a big treehouse area for the kids to play while the adults can look on from picnic tables.
blue stone resort village treehouses

We had no Pounds, only Euro with us so we got back into the car and went to Tescos which was about a 5 minute drive away.  We got food for our accommodation as it’s self catering and some drinks etc.Though there is a shop in the village where you can get all your necessities. I must say wow the difference between the UK Tescos and ours is amazing, basically we don’t have as much range and we are so much dearer here in Ireland!

When we got back to Bluestone it was about 3.30pm so we still had another hour to wait around before we could get a key so I made himself go up to the reception and ask if there was any chance we could get in now as the kids were like briars in the heat at this stage. Thankfully we could!
Bluestone resort view

We drove the car up to the log cabin to unload the car and were really stunned by the beauty of the place, little log cabins dotted everywhere over green grass. iT was very tranquil. And inside was even better! I’ll let the pictures speak for themself but they still don’t fully do the place justice. The place was spotless, decorated lovely and everything you needed like a dishwasher, TV, microwave, high chair and a picnic table outside the log cabin to enjoy the good weather.
Bluestone Resort Accomodation

The Adventure Centre: This place was amazing for the kids, the climbing frames were all made from wood and were huge, the kids had tons of fun, it’s a mix between the balls and an activity centre. They have loads of activities such as The Swing, Mini Golf, The Drop and Wall Climbing. Adults can try their hand at some of the activities too 😉Bluestone Resort Adventure Centre

The last picture ^^ there you can see the sky trail where you can go around with a harness around the whole top of the adventure centre, my daughter did this and she was so proud of herself after doing it, so was I!  And yes they have a bouncy castle too.
We stayed there hours as the kids were just in their element!
Bear in mind some of these activities you have to pay a couple of pound extra for or you can get inclusive packages where you get to pick a certain amount of activities.
Bluestone_Adventure Centre1

There is also a Lego room and a baby sensory room in this building. Upstairs is The Wildwood Cafe where they had really nice food, a great selection for kids and adults and I just loved how it was presented!
wildwood cafe foodBlue Lagoon is a water park on the resort. It’s used by public too but they have guest only swim times from 9am-10am. It has the usual water slides, lazy river and wave pool as well as two great shallow areas with things to do in each for younger kids. There is also loungers throughout the place and a deck so you can sit outside and sun yourself, nice!! When finished there’s a cafe upstairs where you can look down on the water park and get some food!

Blue Lagoon water park at Bluestone Resort

We also went to Oakwood Theme Park which is just a 5 minute drive outside the resort and founded by the same man who started Bluestone Resort, William McNamara. The kids loved the parks new Neverland section with lots of fun rides for the kids based on Peter Pan! Himself also enjoyed the bigger rides throughout the park, I was too afraid though lol!
A family ticket is £66.00 (or buy cheaper online) but then all the rides are free so it’s worth it considering you could spend nearly the whole day there

I had a 60 minute spa treatment and 2 hour thermal room entry booked for me at The Well Spa, I was really looking forward to this as I haven’t been pampered in literally years.
I arrived at The Well Spa and told the two girls at reception I had an appointment. They asked me to pick out which treatment I wanted so I went with a manicure. They then started talking between them to see who was available to do my manicure, they then told me they couldn’t do it right now and could I come back 3 hours later. I straight out told them no my appointment was booked for this time and I’d like to have it now as I had other things planned with my family. So they gave me an even later appointment at 4.30pm. I told them I don’t know if I’d make it as we were going out for the day (to the theme park)

When the management of Bluestone who invited me over heard I wasn’t happy that I didn’t get seen to at my booked time they said that it was me who didn’t want the first appointment and I was the one who asked for a different time due to ”personal reasons”?? That still has me baffled as I couldn’t wait to have my day at the spa, who wouldn’t?

I wouldn’t have written about my bad experience with the spa but the fact the staff at the spa lied that I didn’t want the appointment really upset and angered me. The whole thing left me feeling that The Well Spa staff aren’t professional to lie about what really happened.

All in all we did enjoy our trip to Bluestone Resort and I’d give it 4/5 stars! Lots to do for kids. I’d love to come back when the kids are older as they would be able to do more of the great range of activities available. There are tons of places to eat down in the beautiful village or if you’d rather stay in they also have a delivery service 🙂 And there are pubs for  the nights you’d rather stay out and relax
Bluestone Resort Village


Also if you are planning on going DEFINITELY get a buggy to drive around in it just makes getting from one end of the resort to another easier, especially with kids.

Find out more about Bluestone resort and the range of things to do for kids on their website

Have any of you been to Bluestone Resort? Let me know in the comments if you have or what you think of the place

Yaz x

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