My top 6 movies to watch this Halloween on Netflix

haloween netflix movies
Since Halloween is my favourite time of year and I love any excuse to watch scary movies I think it’s only fair I do a quick post on my Top 5 movies available of Netflix. I’m very much into psychological/paranormal movies more than gory serial killer ones!

1. Insidious 2Insidious 2
I seen Insidious part 1 a few years ago and it was pretty creepy, Insidious 2 is even scarier and answers a lot of questions from the first. Took me  few hours to sleep after this one,  it focuses on ghosts/spirits and the after life! Really give you the heebie-jeebies…DON’T WATCH IT ALONE!

2. Shutter Islandshutter-island-dvd-cover-43
This is great mystery thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio! The acting and dark scenes are just amazing and really keep you guessing. Not really but scary more dark and mysterious as I say.

Great classic by Stephen King, it’s a little bit gory but full of suspense! Kathy Bates is both creepy and funny in this, if you haven’t seen it already, do!

4. IrresistibleMOVIE irresistible
I forgot about this movie till I seen it while flicking through Netflix. Susan Sarandon and Emily blunt star in this psychological mystery drama.

5.The Amityville Horroramityville horror

This is a remake of the original classic which is based on a true story! Lots of suspense and jumpy moments.
Also Ryan Reynolds ain’t too shabby looking  in this even if he does turn crazy running around with an axe….topless:P

6. Scary Movie 2scary movie 2
Ok not a scary film at all but for those not into scary ones this is just gas! It’s just a fun silly movie.  Anna Farris aka Cindy is so hilarious in the Scary Movies.

If you have any good recommendation let me know!? Yaz x

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