My top 5 Beauty Staple Items #sbbc

Well I’d consider everything I use a staple item haha but these are what I’d probably use the most!
Top 5 Beauty Staple Items1. Cotton Pads

cotton pad dispenser beauty tipI use these daily for applying my toner and then obviously very handy for nail polish remover. Here’s a pic from a post I did with a discovery I made, I was very amazed haha!

2. Exfoliator
Both  a face and body exfoliator are a must for me. I use Cocoa Brown’s Tough Stuff (review here) on my body a few times  a week. And for my face I tend to use one by Neautrogen mainly (review here)
cocoa brown tough stuff scrub

3. Moisturiser
Both a face, body and hands one would be an essential for me everyday to keep skin in good condition. I don’t have  just one that I use all the time for my face as I’m always trialing new products but for my body and the kids too this one by E45 has been brilliant. And for my hands my favourite is still Garnier’s one (review here)

E45 nourish and repair body moisturiserGarnier Intensive 7 day hand cream










4. Tweezers
I have about 3 of these hanging around my house, handbag and car! You never know when you will find a stray eyebrow hair bugging you or get a splinter! I love Tweezerman tweezers but I find these ones from Dealz for just €1.49 just as good since I lose mine so often, oops!

Tweezers from Dealz

5. Antibacterial products
OK this may be a weird one but I love my antibacterial stuff, hand washes, gels, wipes, kitchen sprays, mouthwashes etc etc haha! Don’t get me wrong I’m not really bad….like I do let my kids play in muck and my house is pretty messy most of the time haha!
It’s just you know that ad that was out ages ago that shows one person sneezing into their hand which they then have all highlighted red, then they touch a door handle (which is then all blotched with the red i.e germs) , then someone else touches it, then they touch their mouth and so that person has the first persons sneeze all over their mouth or it goes something like that *shiver*
For some reason that ad stuck with me and the Dettol one with the raw chicken. And do you ever see the amount of men who pick their noses in their cars uuugggghhh! You never know whose hand touched that can of beans you picked up in the shop! Do I have ye all germ-a-phobes now lol!
So I wash my hands a lot throughout the day and even antibac all the door handles and light switches in my house every so often haha! Please tell me I’m normal! 😀

So they are my most used products. What are yours? Any the same as mine?

Yaz x

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