My Summer Holiday Essentials

Hello sorry for not posting in a while, I was away on holidays to Bluestone Resort with Stena Line (review coming soon) and have found it hard to get back into the swing of things, oh and I was sick too. I’m feeling much better now though thank god 🙂

So because it’s the holiday season I thought I’d share with you some holiday beauty products that both myself and the kids found useful.

summer holiday essentials 2

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse
Sudocrem is always a must when you have babies/kids. I also love that it’s Irish too! So when I seen they had come out with a sunscreen in the form of a mousse I had to try it.sudocrem sunscreen mousse

It was very easy to apply to the kids and they thought it was very amusing that it was all ‘poofy’ and then went on like a cream. This is SPF50 and has a 4* UVA rating. It’s water proof which is so handy when the kids are going to be in and out of water and it’s also very moisturising due to their patented proderm technology, something very important to me as my little girl has eczema. This didn’t irritate flare up her eczema like most suncreams. I used this on mine and my partners face also (prevent those wrinkles people!) :p

You can buy this in Boots but they seem to be the dearest at €19.99….McCabes is cheaper at  €16.95

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream
True to their multi tasking motto this is a great all-in-one product used for insect bites, itching, blisters, scrapes, minor burns and sunburn……..all things you’re most likely to experience both on holidays and at home during the summer months. But it’s also good for helping relieve irritations such as athlete’s foot, eczema/psoriasis prone skin, cold & bed sores and acne!human + kind family remedy creamThis is a nice rich texture and smells sort of herbal/clean if that makes sense! A little goes a long way with this too. I had got really red razor bumps on my legs after shaving and put a thin film on going to bed and the next day the redness had gone and the bumps were pretty much gone too. Also my little boy (he’s 2) got insect bites (they really loved him the poor mite) and this stuff helped them go too 🙂 So another must have for the handbag with kids I’d say!

This can be bought from most McCabes pharmacies or online from Human + Kind themselves.

The Nima Mitt
I’ve already done a review on this product here so have a look to find out more.

But basically this is just so handy when going away because it saves you bringing cleansers/exfoliators as this does all that with just water. It takes off the heaviest mascara and foundation!

The Nima Mitt can be bought here for €12.95

Acupressure Travel Bands!
I suffer so bad with travel sickness so I said I’d try these acupressure bands since we were going to be doing quite a bit of driving and going on the ferry to. Delighted to say they worked to my surprise. Over the years though of trying acupressure for different things I really believe it works. I’m only sorry I didn’t get these for this kids though as they started vomiting on the way to the ferry :/

You can buy the bands in most pharmacies or from

Mane ‘n Tail Sample Sachets
I already love Mane ‘n Tail products so I was delighted when we got some samples sachets at the Irish Blogger Meet up organised by Katie at the start of June. Travel sized products are so handy when travelling.

Boots do lots of brands in travel size form go to (you know they have home delivery now right!?) and type ”travel size” in the search box and lots comes up

I’d love to know everyone else holiday must haves? Any products that makes your holiday easier?
Yaz x

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