My Haircare Routine: Post Pregnancy

A lot of people have been saying my hair is really shiny and healthy looking lately so I thought I’d do a post for anyone curious on what I’m using.

My haircare routine changes depending on the condition of my hair, the season, etc. Now that I’m almost 4 months post pregnancy my hair has started to do the usual falling out 🙁 so I’ve changed my hair care routine to try and help the problem.
hair care routine

I never thought I used a lot of hair  products or spent a lot on my hair but I can see now I do lol!

Shampoo & Conditionerpantene expert age defy range review
I received Pantene’s Age Defy line to try out quite awhile ago now. I was pregnant and had super thick hair so I  didn’t notice a difference when I had a try. Now that my hair feels and looks a lot less thick and full I started using these again last month and from the first use I felt a huge difference! What the  line does is fight the signs of ageing hair i.e dull, dry, split ends, flat hair. It thickens each strand while giving lots of moisture. I was sceptical and thought how can you have an ‘anti-aging’ haircare line,  that’s just silly, but no it’s made a huge difference and think anyone worried about their hair looking worn and aged should give this a try! It gives super shine too!

Hair Treatment
I bought this ‘Roots’ hair treatment from Lush awhile ago when pregnant as the lovely John Paul and Olivia in Lush, Grafton Street, explained how peppermint could help slow down the post pregnancy hair loss. I can’t say it has or hasn’t as I haven’t been using this as much as I’d like to. I love how this feels when I massage it into my scalp, all cool and tingly and leaves my hair really soft peppermint is also great for oily hair! It also contains honey and extra virgin olive oil to nourish and condition your crowning glory 🙂

Blow Drying Products
So to protect my hair while blow drying and and using other heat tools I’ve been using John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray. I spray this all over the ends to prevent them getting frizzy. The spray also helps hold your hairstyle.

Then for my roots and middle section of hair I’ve been using another product from the Pantene’s Age defy line, their Advanced Thickening Treatment Spray that thickens each hair strand and WOW does it really work! The volume and bounce I get in my hair with this is surreal! Before I started using this my hair looked flat and felt really fine. But from the first use my hair looked so bouncy (cue me constantly admiring my hair in the mirror haha) and felt mega thick. I love love love this! It really works! You can use this on wet or dry hair but I found I got best results using it on damp hair then blow drying. I was in the gym the other day and a woman wanted to know what I used because my hair looked so thick and healthy…happy dance 🙂 I gave her some to use and she noticed a difference too so it’s not just my imagination hoping I have thicker fuller hair lol!

Also another tip for volume, I put my head upside down and dry the roots like that. I always finish by smoothing my hair with the cold setting too.

Hair Sprayaussie hair spray tresemme hairspray
Ive mainly been using the Tressemme one, I love the L’oreal one but only get it when it’s on offer. So this particular day it wasn’t so I said I’d try this one and so far I like it.It does the job. I recently just got this Aussie Shine + Gloss one too and have only used it a couple of times but so far I’m liking it. It doesnt have that really overpowering smell like some hairspray, you can actually get that nice Aussie scent off it. It does leave hair looking glossy too and keeps hair in place. Both are a strong hold which I need to keep hairstyles in place as my hair is very straight.


john frieda full repair frizz ease spray elixirHair Oil
A very important step for me is applying a hair oil. Argan oil to be exact. With hair oil I concentrate on the ends, then with what’s left on my hands I run through the mid section. I’ve been loving the new John Frieda Frizz-Ease Nourishing Oil Elixer. It smells so good and leaves my hair looking extra shiny and smooth without weighing down my hair as it’s very lightweight. And of course it keeps frizz under control!


Viviscal Products
I’ll start with the hair supplements first which I’ve only been using for about 4 weeks now but have already noticed my hair growing faster. I had lots and lots of baby hairs around my hairline which I just thought would never ever grow out but since the viviscal they’ve grown about 2 inches in the last month as has the rest of my hair. I really can’t believe it! Needless to say I’ll be finishing a three month course!
viviscall hair supplements review

The Viviscal shampoo and conditioner….honestly….they are not my favourite. The shampoo doesn’t lather well for me so it’s hard to get a good scrub without using quite a lot and the conditioner doesn’t leave my hair with that silky soft easy to brush feeling. But despite that there are some positives. The shampoo, which is 99% naturally derived,  is meant to gently cleanse the scalp which it does a great job of once I get it lathered up. I use this before my usual shampoo some days to get rid of products build up which can make your scalp very itchy and leave you with flat hair. The conditioner is 96% naturally derived and contains argan and hazelnut oils to gently nourish and condition the scalp and hair also.

Finally the 100 drug free Viviscal hair serum. This contains Ana: Telℱ, a clinically tested complex derived from pea sprouts and grape seeds,which apparently increases the annagen:telogan ratio. Basically put it will help keep hairs in the growth phase for longer! Who doesn’t want that?
It also contains menthol (yup smells lovely) to help stimulate scalp and absorb the serum deep in dermal layers of the scalp. It claims to make hair thicker. I was surprised that this doesn’t really feel like a serum….it’s quite watery so doesn’t make your hair feel greasy. You use three pea sized drops and massage into the scalp esp thinning areas.

I’m very happy with the Viviscal products esp the supplements, I highly recommend them for post pregnancy ladies or anyone just wanting  healthier looking and feeling hair. Also I only recently found out they are an Irish brand!!

Dry Shampootimotei dry shampoo green tea review
Ok so dry shampoo is not really a shampoo, more a hair refresher. Its just absorbs excess oil that leaves it looking and feeling greasy! As a mum of three young kids I’m never ever going to be able to wash my hair every day….it’s just not gonna happen. Sure I barely get time to pee by myself lol!! So dry shampoo is my friend. I usually use Batiste but there are soooo many brands now coming out with dry shampoo, I want to try them all now. This Timotei one is 100% silicone, paraben and colourant free which is what had me sold. It is infused with organic green tea which smells so good. Most importantly it does a great job of refreshing hair and volume to it! Really love this stuff!

So that’s how what my current hair care routine has been like for the past 2 months and my hair is already feeling so much better despite the post pregnancy hair loss (seriously it’s so bad, and scary to look at, I’m surprised I don’t have bald patches yet!!) 
I hope you find some products that you will love amongst the ones I’ve shown you.

I’d love to know what you guys have been loving for your hair lately?  Yaz x

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