My first time babywearing with the Boba Wrap – Review

As you may or may not know I recently had my third baby, nicknamed GlitterBaba here on the blog and I was looking into babywearing or simply just some sort of carrier to carry baby around so I could get a few bits done as I knew I’d have my hands full with my other two kids also I had got loads of advice from the amazing women on the Irish Parenting Bloggers group, most of whom are very experienced with babywearing and all the brands. I was quite overwhelmed though with all the different types of baby carriers….mei tei….buckled…ring sling etc etc!

I then got the opportunity to try out the Boba Wrap (also known as the Sleepy Wrap) from Slumber Roo is what some refer to as a stretchy wrap as it’s a long piece of stretchy material. I was worried about this type as I knew I’d have to tie it myself…..eeekkk! Honestly, I was terrified because to me they looked like the baby could fall out because there are no straps or buckles.SlumberRoo Slumber Roo kindly gave me my wrap to give my thoughts in this review. They asked me to look at their site to choose which one I’d like. Their site is done really well for a complete novice to babywearing. They have the carriers categorised and you can learn more about each type! I still couldn’t decide though….I’m awful indecisive lol! So the lovely Kirtsy from Slumber Roo gave me lots of help and advice and we decided the Boba Wrap would be good for me to try.
boba wrap  packagingFirst Impressions
I chose the black one and it came in a really neat & tidy small box. I was surprised when I opened it by how much fabric there was. I went through the instruction booklet which was really helpful. It included a step by step pictorial guide on how to tie your Boba Wrap to fit your newborn in. It took about 10mins for me to first go through the steps and get it on the first time. I then looked on Youtube just to make sure I had it right and I did, so I tied and untied it a few more times and I was very happy with how quick I learned. Yay me hehe! Next was getting miss glitter baba in without letting her drop 😮 Don’t worry it all worked out and glitter baba got in unharmed! Again I went back to YouTube just to check I had her in right. What I also find helpful is to look in a mirror while tying it and putting baby in so you know you have him/her positioned correct.

boba wrap baby carrier review
snug as a bug 🙂

So handy! 
It’s been 11 weeks since little missy was born and wow I am raging I didn’t have this with my other two kids. Girls, it’s so bloody handy and I’m surprised more parents don’t have them?! For someone who was so scared by the thoughts of a baby wrap I can now can get it on and baby tucked in all in under 1 minute! I’m like a pro now 😉
There have been so many days in them early weeks where nothing would settle her to sleep and so I’d put her in the Boba wrap……within 10 seconds she would stop crying and then fall asleep…..and usually into a really deep sleep so I can even gently take her out and  8/10 times she will stay asleep when I lie her down. Or there are times when she is awake (which is most of the day now) but wants to be with Mammy, understandably, she’s a baby, but I would have housework to do or the kids would want their lunch, so I put her in the Boba wrap and she is happy out while mammy has her two hands free to fold clothes, make a cuppa etc. Can you see how handy it is? it’s been such a lifesaver to me on days where I really  needed my hands to get some things done around the house.

The Boba wrap holds premature babaies to toddlers up to 35lb. It’s also handy for breastfeeding on the go and keeps baby and mammy warm. Actually there was one day back in February and it was freezing but then the heating went too, nightmare!! So to keep myself and miss glitterbaba warm we used the boba wrap, I did have a pain in my neck after about 6 hours of her being in it till we could get the heating fixed but we were warm at least 🙂

On my first baby I once tried a cheap buckle carrier, but only the once as it made my shoulders ache so bad and turned me off ever buying another carrier. I now know not all buckle carriers hurt as it’s to do with how they distribute the weight. The one I had was just concentrating all the weight on my shoulder.  With proper carrier systems the weight is distributed evenly. The Boba wrap doesn’t pull heavy on my shoulders and I certainly have not felt any aching up to two hours!! After that you will obviously start to get a teeny bit stiff and maybe want some space lol!

It also comes with a bag for neat storage
It also comes with a bag for neat storage

And I just have to say this……please don’t listen to that silly old wives tale that you will ‘spoil’ your baby by having them in your arms all the time. You can’t spoil a baby!! They don’t know any better. All they know is they love being close to mammy….that familiar smell, the sound of the heartbeat they heard when in the womb, and moving along with you as you walk….hopefully not waddling any more 😉 Being as close to you as possible is like home to them! Or Daddy is just as good too 🙂  I was constantly told on my first to stop holding her as she would get ‘spoiled’ and I’d end up with a clingy child and you know what???? I’m sorry I listened to them because she was the most unsettled baby, now maybe that was coincidence as I was also under a lot of stress at the time but I still wish I didn’t believe that silly crap that you can ‘spoil a baby’! Oh hindsight! With age comes a deaf ear and confidence to just do it your way and trust yourself 😉 I hold my third now whenever she seems like she need some extra TLC and it comforts her. At the end of the day I’m more relaxed and so are they! And on days where I have a lot to do and really need my hands that’s where the Boba wrap comes in handy…’s a win-win really.

The Boba wrap costs £38 from Slumber Roo, comes in many different colours and really is worth every penny since it makes life that little bit easier for busy mums.

Last thing I’ll say is just always make sure ether airways are clear while they are in the wrap and if they fall asleep in it while you are waling around you can pull one on the panels over the back of their head to support them as you can see from one of the pictures above. I really do love the boba wrap to make life a bit easier getting things done with a new baby (don’t get me wrong I still love my me time to do things minus kids in tow lol!) I really hope anyone even considering a wrap gets one though. I promise you wont regret it!

If you have any more questions about the wrap please do not hesitate to email me or you can always catch me of Facebook Twitter! Find Slumber Roo on Facebook & Twitter to hear the latest babywearing news and get special offers and flash sales!

I’d love to know if any of you guys have tried baby wearing before and what systems have you tried? Yaz. Don’t forget to use the discount code BA-01 for 10% off items ordered on
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  • Great review. I am a huge babywearing fan and I too wish I had started earlier I missed out with my older children, it was a god send with my youngest and I am still carrying her now and she is almost 21 months old, beats the pushchair!! x

    • I’m the same, I hate that I didn’t try out baby wearing sooner, wish is known about this wrap 7 years ago.
      So lovely you still carry her, I hope my back will still be able at that stage xo

  • Brilliant review hun. I’m so doing baby wearing when I’m lucky enough to have my first. I was nodding along in agreement with you when you were talking about old wives tales of spoiling a baby. What utter bull. Babies are not developed enough to understand or adhere to adult imposed rules and structures. They understand comfort and discomfort, that’s all. I’ve done a bit of psychology study, have a little read of attachment theory and Harlow’s wire mother vs cloth mother experiments with monkeys. It’s fascinating stuff. Mothers set up their babies to be secure/insecure, confident/anxious etc based on the amount they tend to their babies needs. You’re setting GlitterBaba up to be a secure, confident, happy child (and adult) by giving her this comfort now. Keep doing what you’re doing hun xxxx

    • Awww Kat, this made me all teary, thank you for the lovely comment <3 So glad you agree about "spoil the baby" crapola haha! Going to read the tweet you sent me now xo

  • I know this is an oldie Yaz but I am looking into getting my first stretchy wrap for the new arrival (I only used buckles on harry which was grand but I want to try wrapping this time!

    So couple of questions; did you find it hard/easy to get to grips with the wrapping etc? At what stage did you think baby became too heavy for the stretchy?

    Harry was a huge lump of a baby which is why i used the buckles with baby insert first time round etc.

    • Great questions! I looked up youtube videos and found them great but the wrap I had also had great picture instructions so a few goes and I was flying it!
      Yes the only thing I was disappointed with is she didn’t feel secure once she got bigger. I think by 6 months I was done with it. Though I have seen bigger babies in it so there is a way and it says its for older babies too but I had the buckle carrier by then so never bothered trying as I loved the secure feeling if the buckle carrier. Loved the closeness and newborn baby snuggles with he wrap but for the short time you will prob get out of it I’d buy second hand x

  • awesome! thanks so much Yaz. Hadn’t thought of going down the second hand route but you are right so defo going to check the babywearing group on fb to see if i can get a second hand one.

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