Movie Review: Disney’s Tinker Bell & the Pirate Fairy

So last Saturday myself, my 7 year old daughter, her friend and my 2 year old son all went along to a special preview screening of Tinker Bell & the pirate fairy!
I was nervous going by myself with the boy but he was engrossed with the movie and happily sat and watched it πŸ™‚tinkerbell Pirate_Fairy_Art_ The movie was in 3D so we got the special glasses and it really brought the movie to life. Who doesn’t love fairies especially when they look so real. Their wings looked awesome in 3D…..yes mammy is easily amused πŸ˜‰

Tinker Bell and the gang set off to find Zarina a misunderstood fairy who used to live in Pixie Hollow’s but left on unfriendly terms and then became captain of a group of pirates and their ship

There were lots of laughs had throughout the whole movie, some songs which always go down well and it was quick to get the the point so the kids didn’t get bored halfway through which we all know can happen!

What I thought would be a very girlie film turned out to be a good movie for all the family with the funny jokes and for boys as well as the pirates and the ship featured a lot πŸ˜‰
Deffo a must see for kids this midterm!

Yaz x

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