Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser – Review

I had some readers ask me about the new Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser a few months ago and couldn’t say whether or not it was good as I’d never tried it. Well, I got in touch with the guys over at Milton and they kindly sent me one out to try to review for you guys!
Milton Mini Portanle Soother steriliser
I’m the type of Mom where if my baba’s soother falls on the floor, I wipe , give it a suck and stick it back in their mouth!

I like to build up their immune system 😛 And touch wood, they’ve all been fine.

But sometimes if you are sick with a bad cold or have a cold sore it’s just not a good idea, especially if they are newborn! So this is where the Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser comes in handy.
milton portable soother steriliser
It’s so easy to use too which is very important. You get 12 tiny little sterilizing tablets in the box. You just take out the three sponges, fill water to the line, pop in the tablet and let it dissolve, put the three sponges back in and it stays sterile for 24hours.

So if you know you are going out for the day you can bring this along in your baby changing bag or hang on your buggy. Keep one spare in it and if your baby drops their soother while out give it a rinse/suck and swap them. Great for days out at the park I must say.

It only takes 15 mins for it to sterilise the soother too. The ball is also BPA free and comes in three colours, green, blue & purple.

For rrp€8.99 I think this is brilliant value and I just think it looks funky too 🙂 These are available from most pharmacies.
Any of you have this yet? Yaz x

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  • This was one of my first gadget-y purchases after E was born (he stopped using a dummy at 6 weeks old of his own accord, so it’s been relegated to the back of the press). Found them easy to use but also easy to lose down the side of the bed – but a fantastic idea for people who can remember where they’ve left everything!

  • This was one of my first gadgety purchases for E. He stopped using a dummy at 6 weeks but in the interim it was fantastic – I found it great for keeping nipple shields sterile as well – we had two. Has now been relegated to the back of the press but definitely a worthwhile purchase!
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