Max Factor All Day Primer

Primer is something I try to remember to include in my makeup routine but usually forget, oooops, or am just not bothered being honest lol. I’ve bought them, loved them and then forget about them. I really do love primers as I always notice how much easier my make up glides on and it definitely helps it to stay in place all day especially under BB/CC creams which I’m slowly loving more and more!
Max Factor All Day Primer Review

So Max Factor is the latest one I’ve been using and loving! I’ve been very good at remembering to use this actually. I think because it’s the first one that I’ve had that has an SPF in it, SPF 20. Some of my foundations don’t always have an SPF so this is a good way to include it if I’m in a hurry and don’t have as much time to wait for my usual face SPF to soak in. It has also made me use some of my more of my creamey BB and CC creams that were just not good with my oily skin.

Max Factor makeup artist Mel Arter says ‘All Day Primer is a skin preparation essential which creates a matte base with an all day hold’

Max factor facefinity all day primer swatch
I definitely find it soaks up excess sebum and oil straight away and throughout the day makes my skin feel less oily so my makeup doesn’t feel like its sliding off after a few hours, esp around the t-zone area it works brill. This really helps create a matte and smooth base for even foundation coverage.

It feels lovely and silky when applied to the skin. It soaks in fast too so there’s no need to wait around ages before applying your foundation. 1-2 mins tops.

This costs a very reasonable €13.99, worth every penny to make your foundation last longer and look better throughout the day. I love this primer and think it is a must have especially with summer coming in. I will say though taht I think it’s best suited for oily skin tones,  I can see it being drying and possibly flaky on all ready dry skin.

So, do you always use a primer before applying foundation? Or what is your favourite one at the moment? Yaz x

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