Master Cleanse-Not for me

Nope I couldn’t hack the hunger!! Friday was probably a really bad day to start it too 🙁 Also the cayenne pepper and lemon felt like it was burning my stomach, few more glasses and I’d have been in bits!! So the master cleanse is no more! Sorry but I don’t get any pleasure from feeling hungry!

So just though I’d let you know how I got on…….or didn’t lol!

I’m just gonna have to do a complete lifestlyle change, no more junk food, greasy food, processed crap and eat more fruit and veg!.Only way to feel better really And I need to start walking/jogging again. I really have no excuse considering there is a treadmill a metre away from me as I type this 😮 Well at least I’ve learned my lesson (I do try these crazy things all the time, will I ever learn lol) and you know what to expect if you try this cleanse!

lifestyle change no more diets

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