Makeup Brushes: Travel Essentials & Storage ft. Blank Canvas Cosmetics #sbbc

Sorry I’m a day late with yesterday’s topic for #SBBC which was ”What you bring when travelling” I bring a lot of stuff, pretty much all the makeup I own so there was no point in dong that post so I’ve changed it slightly to what makeup brushes I bring when travelling and how I store them.
Makup Brushes Travel essentials and storageI recently got this Blank Canvas Cosmetics handy makeup brush folio for compactly storing brushing and keeping them safe. I used to just throw mine into a makeup bag which is so bad for them! The hairs would end up getting bent and out of shape.

It’s neat and tidy but  has room for up to 20 brushes which is more than enough. Extra space can then be used for eye and lip liners pencils 🙂

So here is what I would bring if/when I’m travelling or going on short breaks away.
Best makeup brushes travelling blank canvas cosmeticsEyes: When applying eye shadow I usually like to use at least 3-4 brushes,  possibly more for more detailed shadow for a night out. I got these two double ended ones from BCC also. The  cut down my need to bring 4 brushes down to just 2. The quality is great like all BCC brushes.  I use the E23 & E24  one for applying the main colours, then the E25 & E26 for the blending.

I also tend to bring this BCC E27 cute mini detailer brush everywhere with me. It’s just a really good brush for those small areas like for under the lower lash line it’s perfect.

I also have just a cheap essence eyeliner brush in there, it’s a great brush bt I hear they are discontinuing it 🙁

Face: For foundation I’ll bring my BCC Hot Pink F20 Flat Buffer Brush HD brush as it’s my new favorite and the one I use most often. You get such a nice even, flawless finish with good coverage too.
Also my BCC concealer brush F17 is super for applying all types of concealer to anywhere on the face…. under the eyes, corners of nose, spots etc.

For blush and contouring my BCC F15 small contour/highlight brush is perfect. It picks up the colour really well and applies nice and even.

I use my Crown brush for powder/blending but I want to get a new one as I’ve been finding the quality of Blank Cosmetic Brushes much better than the Crown ones I used to use. There is barely any hair fallout with my BCC ones where as with my Crown ones….4 years later they are still shedding like mad, it’s very irritating to keep having hair fall out all over my face and neck!

Lips: I just have this BCC L29 brush. I can get a pretty neat line with this and it applies lipstick nice so that you can have it as dark as you want. It could also be used for eyliner instead but I haven’t tried that yet so can’t say.

One thing I need is a new angled eyebrow brush. I use the brush that’s part of my Benefit Brow-zings set but I really need a anew one and new eyebrow kit!

Have a look at Black Canvas Cosmetic full range of brushes and makeup here, they are an Irish owned company too 🙂

So they are the brushes I would bring. Tell me what would your one must have brush be? Also let me know if you have any powder brush and eyebrow brush recommendations?

 Yaz x

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