Lush Sleepy Lotion – Does it work?

Like most parents, I will give anything a bash in hopes that the baby will sleep without waking up lots during the night. So when I heard about Sleepy Lotion from Lush I had to try it. I’m already a Lush fan so it was partially an excuse to go and get some bath bombs too, sure while I’m there like may as well 😉

Lush Sleepy Lotion

What does it claim to do?

So the claim is it will help you/baby get to sleep or sleep better. Oatmeal and lavender are the main ingredients. The lotion smells amazing by the way, it’s not that sickly overpowering lavender smell but just a nice hint but still powerful and very long lasting on the skin. If you’ve tried their Twilight bath bomb then it’s exactly like that. It reminds me of Snow Fairy Lotion too but not as sweet. It’s also a decent moisturiser too for babies and adults.

Does it work?

This depends. No, it didn’t magically put my kids to sleep sadly BUT once they were asleep it did keep them (Little Bill) asleep longer. He seems to sleep more peacefully when I remember to use the lotion, like he doesn’t wake up upset as much or at all during the night. I feel like the smell helps soothe him back to sleep if he started to stir. He’s more relaxed which I definitely think is down to the scent as it’s really long lasting on the skin.

I also use it on myself as I LOVE the scent. Before bed, normally after a bath or shower, I lash some on my arms and upper torso so when I’m asleep I’m getting the scent which is very soothing. I think I sleep more soundly when I use it and deffo wake up feeling more relaxed and refreshed. 

I think I paid about €18 for the big pot, which I nearly died about at the till to be honest but €18 for a chance of a better nights sleep for my sanity and eye bags was worth it. It definitely has helped get the baby sleeping longer and more soundly so it was money well spent. They do a smaller pot too but not sure on the price.

Have you tried the Sleepy Lotion yet? Did it work for you?

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