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We are big fans of Lottie dolls in our house, even the boys, so when we were asked to be Lottie Doll Brand Ambassadors over the Summer we were delighted.  I’ve written about them before here.

I’m a firm believer that dolls are for children, they shouldn’t be gender specific, just like all toys shouldn’t. What we love about Lottie dolls is that they are childlike. They have childlike bodies, no makeup, no disproportioned unrealistic bodies, no makeup and they have different hobbies and interests. They are just more relatable to kids than the dolls that are full grown adults. That’s why Lottie dolls are our first preference when buying dolls fo the kids.New lottie dolls 2017

We were given 3 dolls as part of being a #LottieDollAmbassador, one for each of my eldest kids.

lottie dolls and finn
The 3 yr old loves robbing here siblings dolls and swapping their clothes….hence Finn in a beautiful dress. (Some of the clothes are from old barbie dolls)


First was the Kite Flyer Finn doll. I gave this to the 6 yr old of course and he loved having a doll that was a boy like him and looked similar in appearance.kite flyer finn doll
Second was the Always Artsy Lottie doll which my 10-year-old who loves drawing adored. She seems to have passed the doll stage now so she gave it to her sister which she was delighted with of course lol!
Always artsy lottie doll

Last but not least the Birthday Girl Sophia Doll for my 3-year-old. She’s obsessed with birthday parties, like all 3-year-olds I suppose, so I knew she’d love this. Honestly, she sits on a chair in front of her big doll house and plays with all her Lottie dolls for HOURS at a time. It’s adorable listening to her role-playing with them. Birthday doll sophia lottie


I’ve chosen The Kite Flyer Finn doll for someone to win. I chose him because childlike boy dolls that aren’t related around guns and violence like wresting etc are really hard to find so I’ve found :/ So I think a nice childlike little boy doll for kids to play with would be welcome.

To win
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Always Artsy Lottie Doll

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