Lancome Grandiose Mascara – The bendy stick!

Most of you know I just love long lashes so as a result I’ve dozens and dozens of mascaras. I have two trusty faves (Rimmel & L’oreal) but it still doesn’t stop me trying out other ones….you know just in case I’m missing out!!
Lancome Grandiose Mascara Review stick wand

I had seen a bit about the Lancome Grandiose mascara….yes….the one with the bendy twisty stick 😉 I had been meaning to look into it further when I was sent one to try…over the moon needless to say.

I haven’t even looked at the press release, I just got it out and started playing with it as you do. I looked at it and thought it would take a few goes to get the hang of but seriously girls it’s just the perfect invention! I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before?

You know how your hand and arm do be going at all mad angles when you apply mascara with a normal mascarawand…well the angles, as confusing and awkward as they look, just saves all the hand and arm contorting!

The brush is rubber, so is flexible and holds enough product to coat the lashes evenly. It’s not a huge which is a pet peeve of mine, you just can’t get right in at the base or corners without poking your eye out.
applying lancome grandiose mascara

When I apply my mascara I get right in at the base of my lashes and wiggle my way to the tips. The angle on this wand makes it so so easy to get right in and give a good wiggle lol! Getting right in at the corner lashes is easier too and doing the bottom lashes is a lot less messy.

mascara review lancome grandiose

The mascara product itself is brilliant as it gives both length and lots of volume too. It’s really black and stays on well throughout the day, absolutely no flaking here!

The pic below is from a review of an eye shadow I did here, I used Lancome Grandiose mascara to finish off the look.
benecos eye makeup look shady grays
At €30 it’s more than double the price I’d usually pay for my mascarsa but it’s so good and makes applying mascara so much easier I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Between Boots and Debenhams you’ll usually find a deal like buy 2 Lancome products and get a free gift.

So hands up who else has tried this and love it?! Or are you tempted to try it? I’m curios if other mascara brands will come out with something similar?!

Yaz x

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