July Favourites

july favourites 2015I actually can’t believe we have said goodbye to July and it’s now August. It doesn’t feel like we even had a Summer here in Ireland and it’s practically over! Yikes! Well here’s hoping August will give us some scorchers! I have been loving quite a few products the past while so I thought a July Favorites post would round them up nicely.

July Favourites

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant Cream
For years I only ever used spray after despising those roll on ones where you have to wait an age for them to dry before putting your arms down. So when I received this in a goodybag last year I didn’t jump to try it but then I ran out of my normal spray anti perspirant and was forced to use this or the other half’s Lynx…Sure it was so. This is a cream and doesn’t feel wet or cold at all. It’s also a fantastic anti perspirant so this is all I’ve been using the past few months now. It works really well, through intense gym workout and all. It’s also better for the environment so I’m sticking with the cream antiperspirants from now on. Would love to know do you guys use them and what ones?

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum 
I told himself I wanted perfume when he asked what I wanted for Christmas ust gone.He said what one, I said I donlt now you pick what you think is nice and so when I opened this I was delighted. It’s very me. Now, I’m not great at describing perfumes but this is a sweet flowery scent with a hint of a nutty smell. It’s really gorgeous and a tiny bit goes a long way. Would highly advise having a sniff if you pass it!

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Bath & Body Gel
I’ve tried Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams before but never any of their other stuff. I actually got this last year at a their Christmas press event but have been using it a lot lately as it just smells so fresh and orangey of course. It’s smells great in the shower and in the bath it makes heaps of bubbles which the kids love and they smell great after too haha!

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Body Moisturisers
I find it hard to get nice body moisturisers. Some are too watery, too scented or too oily! This one is always a favourite of mine as it’s oil free, creamy and smells fecking divine. It really smells like chocolate. It leaves my skin feeling uber soft and hydrated so I always have a tube of this.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Sensitive Toothpaste
I’ve been using the Beverly Hills Formulas whitening toothpastes a long time time so I can really say yes they whiten teeth. I smoke so my teeth are always gonna be somewhat yellow but this stuff keeps them not lookign so bad. They have a black charcoal one which is the strongest one so I alternate between that and this one because I have some sensitive teeth that play up every so often.

Bioderma Anti Redness BB Cream
I got this as s ample a couple of months ago and wasn’t expecting to like this simply because it was in the light shade and I’m tanned! I gave it a go anyway for blog purposes and was very surprised that it suits my skin tone. I’m tanned but with the lack of sun I’m more ashy and pale (gawjus huh?!) so it actually evens my skin tone out really nice. This is quite a thick consistency which I was expecting but I love because it you can build up on coverage. I apply extra to my cheeks as I have redness there and it does an amazing job, far better than I expected. Loving this! (pic below)

The Body Shop Body Brush
Again I bought this last year but forgot about it until I read something about exercising and dry body brushing to help eliminate toxins from the body. So since I just started the gym this month I got this out again. I forgot how good this exfoliates skin, my skin feels really smooth and I get a better shave on my legs. It’s not as sore as you might think by the way, the bristles are quite soft. This is around the €10 mark from The Body Shop

Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil
I got this ages ago but have been using it more than my Sleek brow palette (review of that HERE)
The pencil is just quicker because you have a soft pencil on one end and a powder sponge on the other. Does the job great. It comes in 4 shades and I use the darkest one which is dark brown.

makeup bioderma bb cream, maybelline brow satin, max factor excess shimmer bronze, catrice lipstick berry bradshaw
So here I have he Bioderma BB cream on with some blush. Brows are done with the Max Factor Brow satin pencil/powder. I have the Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze on my eyelids. Also my brows are wonky as I”ve been trying to grow them out haha

Max Factor Excess Shimmer (bronze)
Bad blogger…I was sent this ages ago…loved it and never got a chance to tell you guys about it! There are 6 shades but this bronze one has my heart, it’s dark and shimmery. I love it on my brown eyes but it will make all eye shades pop. You can apply it with your fingers but I prefer a brush then blend out the harsh edges. It’s so quick yet makes it look like you’ve spent ages on your eye makeup lol! Staying power is great too.

Sorry that turned out to be so long but I hope maybe you’ve found some stuff you’d like to try. Let me know in the comments. Yaz xo


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