July Favourites

I’ve decided to do a monthly favourites as I’ve so many reviews and ideas for posts in my head but so little time 😉

July FavouritesNeutrogena Visibly Clear – Pore & Shine daily wash and scrub
I’ve always been a fan of Neutrogena and when I break out this is my go to when nothing else is working. Being a beauty junkie I tend to switch brands every month or so just to try it you know, cosmetics are my drug lol! My skin changes a lot for season to season so sometimes its oily sometimes it’s just normal/dry so that’s my excuse for trying different skincare items if anyone asks :p

This time I’ve been having very temperamental hormonal breakouts so I went to pick up some of this in Boots and seen their new Pore & Shine range on offer 2 for €7 so I was delighted with that bargain! It’s still on too check it out here.
Anyway the range has tangerine and lime as ingredients so it smells really fresh. It claims to mattify the skin and tighten pores. My skin certainly feels less oily all day when using this, bonus as my makeup stays on longer. It clears up any spots much quicker than if I was to wait it out and I’ve had far less breakouts! I can’t say my pores are clearer though, I have really stubborn blackheads on my nose and haven’t done a pore strip in a while! (going to now!)

Dove Body Wash
Dove soap has always been a staple in our home, and no other soap compares to it in my opinion. Others often leave my skin feeling squeaky and stripped of moisture but dove is loaded with moisture. I tried their new body wash with blue fig and orange blossom and I love it smells so good! And the wash is a pretty baby blue fyi! I’m gonna get the bar next!

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
I’ve been using this all month and LOVE it! I did a review here last week.

Collection Concealer
This has been a lifesaver for hiding them big ugly pimples! I also reviewed this a few months ago with pictures of my under eye circles before & after. Click here

So there you go just some of my favourites this month, if you’ve done a monthly favourites please put our link in the comments as I love to see a roundup of faves at the end of the month
Yaz x

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