Innovative New Schoolwear from Marks & Spencer and 20% off

Last month I was invited by Marks & Spencer to have a look at some of their new schoolwear range which just launched 3rd June. With the new schoolwear from Marks & Spencer you’ll have no problem finding a uniform to fit all your child’s needs.

m&s schoolwear range
Picture: Andres Poveda Photography

There are  a lot of great and unusual features in the Marks & Spencer school wear range. You have your usual adjustable waist, easy clean, non-iron, stay soft & stay new type features as well as some very clever additions.marks spencer school shirtsmarks spenser staysoft cardigan

I’ll go through a few of the features that I think will be most handy to you guys when finding a long-lasting uniform for your little one. 🙂

Easy Close Neck
This is the feature most of us ooooh-ed & ahhhh-ed about at the event! You know how young kids….even adults struggle buttoning that top button? Well this eliminates all that with simple velcro fastening in replace of a button-hole! Sadly this only goes up to age 8 but for young kids just starting school it’s brilliant!marks and spencers school shirt velcro close buttonExpandicuff
How many times have your kids complained about not being able to easily push up the sleeves and get them to stay there? Well now with this handy elastic bad on the shirt cuffs kids can easily get their hands through sleeves & push sleeves up. Again this only available up to age 8.

Adjust-a-Hemmarks spenser uniform adjust hem cuff
You can easily let down trousers with this handy feature, great for when they take that stretch around Christmas! Does that happen anyone else? Must be all that turkey lol!

Slim & Plus size
No two kids are the same size some are very size. The slim fit cuts 4cm smaller through the chest, waist and hips while the plus size runs 6cm bigger.

Long & Short length
Again, kids grow at different rates and some kids are tall for their age others smaller. The longer length skirt and trousers are 4cm longer while the short length is 4cm shorter. I think they do a long & short length in their shirts/t-shirts too!

So as you can see the features are all very functional meaning what you buy will see your child for the whole school year. They also have some very stylish uniforms for those of you with kids in secondary school too.

m&s event ely place
Picture: Andres Poveda Photography

We were walked through the innovative school wear and some lovely fashions for the mums too by mum Alison Canavan while we nibbled on sandwiches and treats.

Child psychologist David Carey was also there and gave a talk on school age children and the importance of free play, it was eye-opening to say the least, I could have listened to him all day long. He believes we should let kids be kids and cut back on all the after school activities. Free play is how children develop all necessary skills for reading writing & maths. It also helps kids with their social & emotional intelligence which is more important over any grade or qualification.

Makeup artist Sarah Keary also gave is demo using some of the makeup range available at M&S (I had no idea they had makeup!)

m&s makeup
picture: Andres Poveda Photography

All the above schoolwear I talked about is available in store and online at What feature do you like most? I still love the velcro top button on the shirt!
20% off schoolwear marks and spensers
Also, from today Marks & Spencers have 20% off all school uniforms so now is the perfect opportunity to get a long lasting functional uniform! This offer is running until 14th July!
Yaz xo

Just wanted to add…apparently if you use the CODE ‘WELCOME10’ AFTER YOU’VE FILLED YOUR BASKET WITH €50 YOU GET €10 OFF!

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