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As some of you know I have fallen in love with the products from Image Skincare after having their O2 Lift facial. Now I’ve been using some products from their Ormedic range. The ingredients in this are all organic, since I’m getting more aware of what I’m putting into my body via my skin I was really excited ton use these products. This range also contains soothing botanical making it perfect for all skin types to balance and restore your skin with lots of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It’s  highly recommended for cancer patients as this is gentle on already sensitive skin and has highly potent antioxidants. ormedic by image skincareClick the title of each product to be brought to Renaissance Skincare who distribute the brand and find out a bit more on each product and others from the Ormedic range.

Balancing Facial Cleanser This is a 3-in-1 product believe it or not. This cleanses, exfoliates and is a toner. It contains green tea, chamomile, comfrey, calendula and rich botanicals all helping to restore skins natural Ph balance and protect and repair skin from daily environmental damages. I still always double cleanse though when I have make-up on as I like to make sure every bit of make-up in my pores is gone. While using this cleanser I don’t use my regular exfoliator half as much, maybe only once a week for an extra little boost. I also didn’t feel he need for a toner after using this as it left my skin feeling really clean and refreshed and not leaving it feeling tight and stripped like a lot of cleansers. Also I started using this (and their other products) when I  had a breakout and this immediately calmed and helped reduce the size of the spots.  So I really love this product and a little goes a very long way! €32.00 Image Skincare ormedic balancing cleanser

Balancing Antioxidant Serum This is amazingly hydrating! Your skin will feel like its drank a glass of water yet you only need so little of this silky smooth serum. It contains so many wonderful organic plant derived ingredients that gives this serum healing, anti inflammatory, anti ageing and cell regeneration properties! €59.00 Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing antioxidant serumBalancing Bio Peptide Crème Last we have the face cream (this goes over your serum). Some of the ingredients in this are mango shea butter, apricot, cucumber and Japanese green tea so it’s great for anti-ageing as well as healing and soothing skin. This smells yummy too, very fruity….I think it’s the mango. Again a little tiny dab on the pad on two of your fingers does my whole face. €67.50Image skincare ormedic balancing bio peptide creme

 I can’t recommend enough how good all the range from Image Skincare is! I used to work with Dermalogica doing facials and I must say I would prefer to work with Image Skincare if I was working and doing facials again…… that’s how much I believe in and love their products!

Yes they are pricey, but considering how their products last ages and give immediate and long-lasting results to how your skin looks and feel they are worth it if you are serious about your skin care routine. Also high quality ingredients that work really are key to any product whether it be food or skin care. Their prices are on pretty much the same as Dermalogica too! I can’t count how many times I’ve blown money on products from high end to low end brands that really do nothing at all. Even since using Image Skincare, products that I used to love just don’t compare any more!

Products from the Image Skincare line can be bought in salons….see here to check where your nearest is. Also find them here on Facebook & Twitter I’d love to know have you tried this brand before or what’s the most you have/would pay for skin care items?

Yaz x

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  • I’ve been wanting to try an image facial for ages now, think I might take the plunge!

  • I was an esthetician for many years and used image Skincare products on all my clients . I saw huge changes in my client’s skin, from renewing moisture, to smoothing lines, completely removing hyper pigmentation and healing acne.
    This is my one product over the years that I loved. The ormedic line is amazing as are all the other lines they offer. I left Skincare a few years ago. And haven’t had he o 2 lift, but after reading his, I think I will have to hunt someone down in my area that offers this!

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  • I’m an esthetician who used to use Image Skincare professionally. I can tell you that the Ormedic line is not ALL organic. It’s a great line, but don’t be mislead by their deceptive advertising. Ormedic uses some ingredients that are organic, but it’s not entirely organic. It’s very deceptive in how this product line is marketed.
    And as for the O2 Lift. It’s the biggest scam. It’s a very lame facial that doesn’t do much more than inflame the skin at a cellular level with the refrigerant used in the “oxygenating” mask. Be sure to use an anti-oxidant afterwards to counteract the free radical damage from the oxidizing process…. or better yet, just don’t use it and don’t cause the damage in the first place.
    And the “plant stem cell serum”…. LOL… since when do we humans use photosynthesis to activate our stem cells?
    Image has a FANTASTIC marketing team!!!

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