I am the Mum who….

IMG_9438I am the Mum who….

  • feels so so blessed to have 3 healthy happy children and a wonderful partner
  • finds motherhood to be lonely & overwhelming sometimes but knows she’s not the only mother to feel that way. It’s normal 😉
  • loves taking tons of pictures, they can bring back some lovely happy memories 🙂
  • honestly believes that although she gave up a lot when she had her first at a young age, she in fact, saved her life!
  • has depression & anxiety which makes some days very hard & hates her kids seeing her down and unable to do much with them
  • hates mornings haha, and needs a good hour to fully wake up before she can have a full convo
  • tries to limit her kids sugar intake after learning how high processed foods are with sugar….tries being the operative word!
  • worries…excessively over everything past, present & future
  • loves her alone time, mainly just in a room by herself doing nothing at all just to mentally recharge
  • hates cooking but still do an ok job, just don’t like the task or find it exciting like some people
  • finds her kids different personalities amusing & amazing. All quite the opposite of her as a kid which is great 🙂
  • wonders will the broodiness for another little blessing ever go away? 😮
  • loves being indoors in the safety and comfort of her own home. So summertime is a love hate thing. Love the sun and warmth but the thoughts of going out into the big bad word sometimes fills me with dread! Oh and the bugs & spiders. Eeeeek!
  • tries to teach her children the world can be a dangerous place so you have to stand up for yourself and others too sometime. Or as the wise words of Cinderella goes….”Have Courage & Be Kind”  

Thanks to Dani from Lilli White Rose for this tag. I now tag:
Jade from Health on a High
Amy from Never Enough Hours in The Day
& anyone else who would like to as I’m not sure who has & hasn’t been tagged yet. Yaz xo

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