Hey Kids, Can Ya’ll Please STOP Bringing Bugs Home from School?!

So the baby has a cold. As do I and the toddler. All 6 of us were just over a tummy bug too.. SO MUCH WASHING!!! Oh and we had actually bugs too….the lice kind!

3 infections within just 3 weeks of them being back to school FFS! Like I really love that the kids are back in school, hello quite but with all the sicknesses and lice (and homework) they are bringing home with them I ain’t getting to enjoy my peace. Too damn busy cleaning and washing the bugs away! Wrecking me back to school buzz here guys. 

I really despise colds for babies though. They can’t blow their nose or cough when they should so instead they cry because they can’t breathe through their nose and get veeerrrry upset over it.

Last night little Bill just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t suck his doodie and breathe at the same time. Was kinda funny the first 10 mins to be fair 😂 but got old after it went on for hours. He just insisted on trying to suck the doodie and breathe through his nose. Then he eventually realized that wouldn’t work and he would have a few sucks then pop the doodie to the side to breathe. See, quite cute, but I had to listen to the wailing in between when he forgot he couldn’t breathe through his nose just as he was drifting off. So yeh….not so cute anymore at 3am.

Eventually, he fell asleep but with his head ON MY THROAT. I had my neck pushed back and sort of hanging off the side of the bed. Everyone knows you don’t move when the baby finally drifts off. So I lay very still in contorted position till I fell asleep.  So yeh, kids if you could stop bringing damn viruses (and lice) home for a week or so that would be really really lovely…kaaay….thanks…bye! 

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