Hello oral care products arrive in Ireland #HelloIreland

Hello oral care ireland

A couple of weeks I was invited to a ‘secret blogger event’ I was curious and went along. I was a bit…ok, very shocked to see all us beauty bloggers invited to an event about mouthwash lol! It turned out to be a fun night though and I’m glad I went. We all got to meet Craig Dubitsky who is the founder and CEO of Hello products (also co founder to our favourite EOS lip balms!) He was very friendly and told us that he wanted to make a mouthwash that didn’t have alcohol and other harsh ingredients.

So what is Hello?
Hello is an American brand of oral care products that has just launched in Ireland. So far Ireland only has their mouthwash and breath spray but we will hopefully also be getting their range of toothpastes. What’s different about their products to others on the market is that as well as being animal cruelty free and gluten-free they contain NO

  • Alcohol
  • Artificial Colours
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Dyes

And each product comes in 3 flavours

  • Mojito Mint
  • Pink Grapefruit Mint
  • Supermint (spearmint) my fave one!

Because there are no harsh chemicals or ingredients it makes it really mouth and gum friendly! No stinging or burning at all so makes it ideal for kids and also pregnant women when your gums get really sensitive. I’ve been getting the kids use in it instead of their normal mouthwash as I just feel this is better for them. It can also be swallowed like a drink as Craig demonstrated lol, so I won’t worry about the effects with my 3-year-old son’s tendency to swallow mouthwash!

You may be wondering (like I was) how it actually cleans your mouth and gets rid of bad breath?! Craig explained to me that our bodies do that for us, Hello just helps by…as gross as this sounds….getting the good ol’ saliva going which is our bodies natural way of washing away bacteria that causes bad breath! Alcohol actually restricts saliva flow and dries out your mouth! hello mouthwash breath spray launch
The design of the products really stands out too and is very different to other oral care products out there. Car company, BMW’s design consultancy team DesignworksUSA actually worked with Hello to design the products! We were actually joking that their products looked like sex toys lol, so they really do have a fun product that stands out!

The breath spray is my fave, they taste so yummy and just look really cute! You just twist the cap to lock the spray mechanism too so very handy for in your purse, car or anywhere!

So far the mouthwash and mouth spray are available in most pharmacies across Ireland but I really hope they bring their toothpaste over here too.

Price wise they are more expensive than what I would normally pay.  The mouthwash(473ml) is €7.50 & the breath spray is €4.75.  I suppose you are paying extra because they are natural products and most brand mouthwashes I buy are 250ml bottles so your nearly getting double that.
Boots actually have an offer on now of 2 Hello mouthwashes for €10 so that’s reasonable and I’ll be stocking up 🙂

Will you or have you tried Hello products yet? Got a favourite flavour picked out yet? Yaz x

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