Happy Birthday Parcel Motel and a little How to guide!

Parcel Motel is already a year in service and has over 35,000 Irish online customers.I had never tried it until a few weeks ago when the girls at Parcel Motel gave me the opportunity to try their service.

I’d never used it because it seemed too technical & complicated for me lol! But I can gladly say it was such a pleasure to use, very easy and quick. I even got a lovely welcome gift! Slippers, a towel and some lovely chocolates (eaten before pic got taken ha!) And you can too!
how to use parcel motel

Say you want to buy something from an English website but realize it only delivers to the UK or does free/cheaper delivery to UK but then costs a bomb to post to Ireland :(( Not to worry you can enter Parcel Motels Address instead whooo! For you’re surname you put your PMID (will be given when you sign up) beside it so Parcel Motel knows what pick up point to then deliver it to once they get it from the company, then for the address you put in Parcel Motels Irish or UK address depending on where the company deliver to or what is the cheaper option for you. See easy! Or simply use the service if you’re never home to collect parcels from the postman/or don’t want the postman knowing about that saucy underwear you bought lol!

You then get a message that your parcel is ready in your local pick up point with a code. I thought you had to ask the shop assistant or something haha but it’s just a big huge machine that you put your mobile number into and the code you got and Ta-Da a door opens to where your parcel is! Simples! You can get your parcel day or night and each stay only costs €3.50!

I can’t wait to use Parcel Motel again knowing how easy it is now! Sign up now and you can get a free welcome pack too! Here’s my PMID – PM165431  if you’d like to put it in when they ask for a referral! Click here to register

So let me know if you’ve used parcel motel or plan to now you know how easy it is! 🙂

Yaz x

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  • The possessive pronoun is “your”, not you’re”.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read my post. Also thank you for correcting my spelling error, you’re doing a great thing! Feel free to go over my other posts and let me know of any other mistakes you come across. Thank you 🙂

  • Used it for the first time last week too – very easy to use. Great concept.

  • I have used Parcel Motel a few times. It’s really good and saves so much money on delivery charges. There’s one right by my house, love it!

  • It’s such a handy idea, so easy to use as well! x

  • Very easy!

  • Just used you PMID for Parcel Motel registration. Hope that’s ok. Thanks.

      • Excellent service, been using it for over a year. The only drawback is the size of the parcel, (not the fault of Parcel Motel) if only the supplier would tell you the size of the box when you order it would be a lot easier. Maybe the supplier makes money on the postage to Ireland so they put the items in an oversized box just to catch you out. But as I said before, well worth using

  • […] to UK is free but Irish customers can use Parcel Motel as I previously explained how to use here and just be charged €3.50 for their service. Or you can buy from Irish retailer Little Angels […]

  • They were good I’ve put through 100+ parcels in past 2 years – now a bloody nightmare.
    Last Time I felt this way about a company was Jessops 12 months before they went down. Management will have no idea what the front line staff are doing to customers. Social media brought down countries, lets see if can fix Parcel motel.

    There is no magic in the parcel world that makes things “disappear” after being verifiability brought into your building.
    You have someone stealing from the Belfast-Sligo-Letterkenny depot/route and they work on a Saturday, period.
    I urge everybody to keep records and claim on the insurance quickly and every time something goes ‘missing’ lol Harry potter style.

    • You have me worried! Im waiting for a parcel to arrive since last monday week 22nd Sept, no sign yet. According to sender it was collected and delivered by Yodel to belfast address, and signed for on 22nd by a parcel motel employee. Ive checked this and its correct. Ive contacted Parcel motel, they’re ‘looking into it”! How long does it normally take? (going from belfast to cavan).

  • My parcel finally arrived this morning! Whew! 🙂 I have to say, the problem was not actually with Parcel Motel, the sender didn’t put my PMID number on the label, which caused the delay. It sat in the PM warehouse, whilst I chased around like a headless chicken with emails and phone calls to get it sorted. There would have been no issues otherwise. So obviously, its really important to have the PMID number on the parcel! I will defo use Parcel Motel again, I think its a really great concept and saved me alot in postage. I would also recommend them to others.

    • Phew! So glad you got it! They obviously kept it safe till they found the owner or PMID very important yep. I’ve had no trouble thank god, will prob be using them again this xmas x

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